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How do our environmental philosophy in action on the reaction out?

As a battery consumers should purchase and use of new green battery; as a battery manufacturer,Dell inspiron b120 Battery should be the production of new green battery. Only through our concerted efforts, to create, protect our beautiful and harmonious

2, rechargeable battery topics for
        In response to the more powerful of 3C products, battery technology must constantly introduce new generation of more and more hungry to supply more power for 3C products. The four most common rechargeable batteries – Nickel cadmium, nickel hydrogen, lithium ion and lithium-polymer in the end What is the difference? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Jargons and lengthy explanation in this in trying to use the Web to find the data to analyze the recount to you … nickel-cadmium batteries (NiCd)

    The oldest one rechargeable battery technology, as early as 1899, was invented. Nickel-cadmium batteries can take advantage of a large number of short discharge and charge process is endothermic reaction – which features it can quickly charge the battery will not cause too much damage. Nickel-cadmium battery voltage is 1.2V, than 1.5V alkaline battery slightly less marked, but because the process of alkaline battery discharge voltage will continue to fall, to usually left without electricity when the 1V,Dell inspiron 9400 Battery but nickel-cadmium battery will always been to provide a stable 1.2V voltage until no power up, most of electronic products using alkaline batteries can be put into the nickel-cadmium batteries, no problem.

    Best-known shortcomings of nickel-cadmium battery is the so-called “memory effect” that is used when the battery where there is no electricity, the re-charging, the battery will “remember” this position after the electricity used in such a long time left , the battery will power the same place and no response (transient voltage reduction). Therefore, before charging nickel-cadmium discharge to go through a process of the electricity to recharge after drained. Most of the nickel-cadmium battery charger will have automatic discharge function.

    Nickel-cadmium batteries for electrical storage is relatively small (probably only alkaline batteries 1 / 4), and cadmium are toxic heavy metals, less so recently seen.Dell inspiron 9300 Battery Most applications that have already been similar nickel-metal hydride battery (NiMH) replaced.

Ni-MH battery (NiMH)

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