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How fast can you reset Windows 7 password?

So what should you do now? Borrow a computer or login a guest account to surf on internet and find out all the possibilities to recover Windows 7 password?You will find that there are some common ways. We will introduce these methods for you, and hope it can save your time.

Methods 1: Guess your password!

Time: 1 minute ~ Million Years

Recommend: ★

This method depends on how much you remember about the password. But obviously most of us cannot remember, so the forgetting Windows password stuff keeps happening. But I do believe you forgot the password because you are not familiar with it. Depend on human's computing ability, it's not crazy that cost you million year to guess your password. If you still cannot login after ten minutes guessing, you should try another way to retrieve Win7 password or just waste much more time.

Methods 2: Ophcrack

Time: More than 2 hours

Recommend: ★

Ophcrack is a famous and free Windows password recovery software. The big disadvantage of ophcrack is the large ISO file. The 496Mb file takes a while to download, what is more, can you image how hard to burn such large file to a blank CD? It will enlarge unsuccessful rate. But once you succeed in burning a bootable CD, it will take only minutes to recover your lost Windows password.

Methods 3: Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

Time: More than 1 hour for a new user

Recommend: ★★

The Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is one of the fastest free Windows password reset tool. It will remove Windows 7 password instead of recovering the Windows password like ophcrack. The ISO file is only 3 Mb. So there is no problem to download or burn this file.
But what slows down the whole Windows 7 password reset process is the DOS based interface which is inconvenient. Sometimes, I even don’t know what to put in. So if you are a newbie with computer, it might take you a while to reset Windows 7 password with Offline NT Password & Registry Editor.

Methods 4: Windows Password Reset Standard

Time: 5 Minute!

Recommend: ★★★★

Official Website:

Windows Password Reset Standard is a password reset tool from Anmosoft which is a professional software provider with high quality and friendly user interface. Windows Password Reset Standard is embedded with burning software and an only 1.94Mb ISO file. So it will not take longer 3 minutes to download and burn a password reset CD. After booting up this CD, the easy to use interface will take you only seconds to reset Win7 password. Even Kids can remove Windows 7 password with Windows Password Reset Standard. So please place your Password reset CD safely and away your computer! The above three pieces of Windows password recovery software all support Windows 7 password recovery. How fast can you reset Windows 7 password will depend on which method you choose and your computer skill level? Want to Remove Win7 password in five minutes? Try Windows Password Reset Standard now!

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