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How Screencast Enriches Your Life

What kind of screencast can I create?

Demo video

Making demo videos is one of the most direct ideas that people have in mind. Instead of writing thousands of words, and capturing screenshots to make a tutorial article, you can make a step-by-step demo video in a few minutes by demonstrating how stuff works on screen. It is very easy for people to understand and follow by watching your demo video.

Instruction video

Many people take blogging or facebooking as their hobbit. And under many circumstances, an instruction video can help you to seize readers easier rather than text. It is reader-friendly if visitors can see your face and hear your voice in the instruction video, indicating more people subscribe your blog or become your fans on Facebook.

E-Learning video

A screencast is always welcomed and praised by teachers and students because it offers the possibility of a new online education solution. Teacher can record PowerPoint presentation or convert PowerPoint presentation as video with voice, and send it to students or publish it on YouTube. In other words, it can be another form of distance elearning and online education which can be watched by many more people for thousands of times.

Training video

It is similar to elearning video. Supposing you are the sales manager of a software company and now there are groups of new employees who need a series of training courses. Do you want to have courses for many times or to give training lessons via video? Which is more time efficient? These screencast training videos can also be considered as the learning center. When a new person take in charge the task, he can learn the required skill himself without being trained by others.

Interview video

It is quite common that you use webcam to create a face-to-face interview with your friend or an expert. By capturing your desktop activities, you can make an interview video with screen recorder and share the video online.

Webinar video

You can record the webinar with screen recorder when participating in as a sitter-in or a secretary. The main checkpoint is the sound recording which is often indistinct with fitful noise. You can have a self-test of recording sound beforehand. The very advantage by doing this is that it is very convenient to review your webinar by watching screencast video instead reading the tedious meeting documents.

Gameplay video

Many youngsters like recording their gameplay and share the video online. No matter web-based Flash games or PC games, the gameplay video can be recorded and created with screen recorder as well. Compared with desktop recording, game recording requires more powerful CPU and hardware support, and sometimes it can be affected by operating system and specified game.

How to get started with screencast?

DemoCreator offers a three-step solution to create your screencast.

1. Select the recording area and start to capture everything on your desktop and browser.
2. Press F10 to end your recording and start to enhance your screencast with built-in editor.
3. Publish your screencast in many popular video formats. For more guide, please read here.

You can find more tips of making screencasts at knowledge center. And are you ready to creat your first screencast?

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