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How to handle yourself in your boss’ absence?

However, we seldom remain that responsible when we are not watched over. That after all is basic human psychology. But being responsible when you are not watched over is what counts the most and can save you from many unwanted situations.

You can fall trap into the office grapevine and backbiting leading others to form wrong impressions about you. It’s also very easy for this impression to circulate back to your boss at some point; and by then, it’s too late to correct it.

So here are some tips to handle yourself when your boss is not around:
# Be disciplined and make sure you don’t fall into a comfort zone.
#Put everything on mail, so your ‘sent items folder’ can be your instant back up for each of your actions.
# Provide solutions instead of just citing your problems. You will be appreciated more when you take charge of actions rather than just surfacing with problems.
# Talk to your boss as often as possible. It is necessary for him/her to be updated and intimated of your views.
# Summarize your day so that your boss is aware of the work you did in the day.
# Build good rapport with others and try to win them over.
# Finally if all else fails, have a backup plan ready! Being prepared for the worst hurts nobody.

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