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How to Stay Alive and Successful in a Dying Industry

Long Island City, NY (PRWEB) June 27, 2012

“There are very few crafts that were around in the sixteenth century that are still around today. In those days there were wheelwrights, blacksmiths, coopers, and book binders” Saul Spiel declared during the opening of his speech at the Binding Industries of America’s yearly conference earlier this month.

Saul Spiel gave a rousing speech that told the tale of the innovative binding technology Spiel Associates ( has developed to transform the book binding industry. He restored pride in each printer attending the conference that day and gave credit to the few printers left standing in the 21st century. “You have survived. Look around and give each other a nod of approval. In the past five years half of the printers in the US went under, but you are still around.”

The bad news for those printers remaining is the obstacles they may face that increase the odds of their demise in the years ahead. Saul challenged the printers by asking the question “How many of you will be around five years from now? How can you maximize the odds that you will be?” Saul then went on discussing his company’s revolutionary technology. From asking questions to supplying facts of company machinery, he made it clear that Spiel Associates can help assure printing companies their survival in the years to come.

Saul’s biggest key point seemed to be efficiency. The faster and more cost effective the machine is the better. “Those of you who bind 100,000 books per year and are not forming your own coil are wasting your money. I once told a bindery owner that if he made his own plastic coil he would save $100,000 per year and the machine at that time only cost $28,000. His reply was; “I’m not so much interested in saving money as making money.” Perhaps he never heard of the saying by the most famous printer ever, Ben Franklin, who said; “A penny saved is a penny earned.”” Plastic coils are a necessity when creating plastic coil binders. Anything relating to plastic coil machinery or plastic coil equipment can be very expensive. Saul knows that you need to save where ever possible and creating the plastic coil within the company can save a large amount of money. He then went on to state the importance of working at a fast pace. “We deal with binderies that don’t own automatic punching equipment, even though automatic punching is 10 – 20 times faster than punching by hand.”

Being creative and staying a cut above the rest is what is going to keep companies alive in this industry. Improving technology and outsourcing competition are key factors in increasing those odds of being around another 5 years from now. Saul finished his speech by talking about the companies that went under because they couldn’t adjust to the current times. “Don’t let this happen to you. If ever there was a time to think out of the box, it is now. If you want to re-capture those jobs that are being shipped overseas, you’re not going to do it with the same manual equipment that can be found at the copy shop down the street, or across the pacific.”

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