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How to Submit Articles for SEO

Why You Should Still Use Article Submission

Due to the recent flood of new web 2.0 websites, the article directory business has been losing its grips with the forefront of internet marketing and SEO.  So why should you be using article submission to promote your website now more than ever?  Because with the change in the direction of the mainstream marketers it has left the article submission process at a sudden drop in activity which means that less people are submitting articles now.  When less people are submitting articles that means that each article that is submitted to a directory will have more of a chance of surviving all the other submission that are coming in to the directory with it.

During the times of every mainstream marketer submitting tons of articles to every directory on the internet, it was hard to even get your article to rank for your keyword. But since there are less articles being submitted which means less competition, now you can submit articles that are optimized and well written and they have a good chance of showing up in top listings for your keyword and related keywords.

So take advantage of the all the new web 2.0 marketing methods by going back to the old school and using a few of the tried and tested techniques that aren’t quite as popular anymore, you may see some good results!

Make Sure You Are Using Article Submission Correctly

Submitting articles may sound pretty easy but there are right and wrong ways to do everything.  To be sure that you are submitting your articles correctly you should take the time to review the following tips:

Put Your Main Keyword For The Article Into The Title

This is one of the most important steps of writing and submitting articles. The title of your article is going to directly affect the way that your article is found by readers.  So if you are targeting a specific keyword, be sure to include that keyword somewhere in the article title, preferably the beginning of the title.

Use Your Keyword a Few Times Within The Content Of The Article

You must match your keyword in your title to the actual words that are used within the text of the article.  Be sure to try to use your keyword about 1 time every 100-150 words in the article.  Also, if you are able to make specific words bold then you should always bold your keywords throughout the article.

Add Headings To Paragraphs Within Your Article

Instead of writing just one long article with a couple paragraphs, you should write an article that has different sections that are split and labeled with a title.  By doing this you will make the article easier for a reader to browse through the different areas of the article and it also allows you to put more titles into the article which gives you a chance to insert your keywords again.  Make sure to try to use your keyword in each sub title for the paragraphs of your article.

By following the simple tips that are listed above you should have a very successful article submission campaign that helps to increase your keyword rankings, pagerank and traffic to your website.

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