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How Vaping Technology Has Adapted for Modern Life

Like any other industry, vaping has taken a long while to grow. We are going through the fourth generation of vaping and waiting to step on the fifth. Along with creativity, the industry has arrived at the zenith with the usage of modern technologies. If you are a true vape enthusiast, you should know the glorious history. In this article, we have discussed the evolution of modern vaping. enjoy.

Invention of Vaping

The journey of modern vaping started in 1927. It was a patterned design of a machine which is considered the first electric vaporizer. The device was actually a medical which was designed for inhaling vapor effortlessly.

After a long while, a person named Herbert Gilbert drew a new blueprint of a device in 1963. He named it “smokeless” and surprisingly the device was almost similar to a modern vape pen. He claimed that Smokeless was able to provide a smoking experience without tobacco leaves. Though the idea seems cool, luck didn’t favor Gilbert. Without a doubt, the device was revolutionary, but his project stopped due to insufficient funding. Besides, manufacturers didn’t find the device profitable.

Finally, the first vape pen was introduced by a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik. He invented a complete e-cigarette which is called Cig-a-like. The device is still available and it seems like traditional cigarettes. 

Evolution of modern vaping

After the invention of cig-a-like, the vaping industry has evolved gradually. It has gone through several generations as below.

First generation

The first generation of vaping seems very sensitive. It was a time when the market was full of established brands of traditional cigarettes. Cig-a-like was a perfect device in that sense because it had a similar look to traditional cigarettes. Cig-a-like was the first generation of the vaping device which was a successful project by the way.

Second generation

When the generation began, cig-a-like was well accepted in the market already. But, manufacturers noticed that vapers need more personalization. The second generation belongs to introducing a variety of flavored vape juice. Besides, the devices were advanced with different features like temperature and wattage control to have a personalized vaping experience.

Third generation

In the third generation, the vape devices were advanced modified which is called MOD. The devices were popular because they satisfied vapers with the latest and essential features including safety, durability, and controlling temperature. MOD has a bigger appearance than a vape pen in size, but this device is well-accepted among vapers due to its excellent features.

Fourth generation

If you are reading this post, you are going through the fourth generation of the vaping industry evolution. Though vaping devices and e-liquids were invented to break the smoking habit, it has been a hobby in the recent few years. E-liquids are available in thousands of flavors with a different ratio of smell, nicotine, and PG/VG. The vaping devices in the present generation are called APV which are equipped with the latest technologies and provide maximum personalization.

Future of vaping

Why does vaping technology become that much advanced? The answer is simple. The industry has been technically advanced due to satisfying users’ needs. Vapers need a more personalized experience. Thus, the manufacturers are developing technology that continues to provide a better vaping feel.

The vaping industry is going to be entered in the fifth generation within a short period. Experts believe that the industry will surprise vapers with breathtaking technologies again. The manufacturers will develop more advanced devices that will reduce nicotine consumption as well as provide high-quality vape juices. Besides, the latest technologies like AI heat control, microchips, and environment-friendly batteries will be included in the new devices.

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