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HUDWAY Partners with DigiLens and Young Optics to Produce Augmented Reality Kit for Any Helmet

Los Angeles, CA, June 12, 2018 –(– Head-up display manufacturer HUDWAY announced today its partnership with DigiLens and Young Optics to built a new waveguide HUD unit HUDWAY Sight, a smart kit that mounts on your helmet and brings the information in front of your eyes. The unit is thinner, lighter, easier to manufacture and notably cheaper than other products on the market.

Partnership with DigiLens, augmented reality HUD display manufacturer, and Young Optics, the company producing sophisticated optic components, brings unsurpassed advantage to HUDWAY to introduce a new waveguide technology to the aftermarket.

“We believe that waveguide technology has a brilliant future and, when truly adapted to mass market, will create a revolution of things and how we interact with them,” said HUDWAY’s co-founder Ivan Klabukov. “Our device’s low cost and ease of use allow two-wheeler drivers to experience a sort of augmented reality they see in sci-fi movies.”

In relation to HUD technology, waveguide allows for setting the focus into infinity – and thus making it easily perceivable by your eye and brain wherever you’re looking at. This feels very natural and allows your brain to simultaneously get the information rendered by a waveguide device and that of the real world.

In practice, a small, lightweight, sophisticated piece of glass-like material replaces a complicated combination of projectors and optical elements that is otherwise required to create such infinite focus – and as such, opens up fantastic opportunities to apply it for everyday use.

The device consists of two parts – a lens which attaches to the helmet near driver’s eyes, and a “brain” that mounts on the back of the helmet and transmits the information to the lens.

The lens part comprises of a miniature projector that receives the information from the “brain” and projects it to the waveguide piece of optics. This part is also equipped with an ambient light sensor, which allows for automatic adjustment of the projection brightness depending on the visibility conditions outside.

The “brain” has a transmitter that wirelessly receives information from your smartphone and transmits it to the lens. This part also contains a battery that allows for up to 8 hours of autonomous operation of the kit.

A smartphone serves as a control panel for navigation apps, important vehicle data, to connect to a music library, activate voice messaging and answer calls.

“After many years of research, development, and prototyping, we’ve created a perfect product which is truly unrivalled,” said DigiLens founder Jonathan Waldern. “We believe that in the nearest future all major helmet makers will equip their helmets with this solution. But you can become its early adopter today – and the first to experience what is yet to become ubiquitous.”


HUDWAY was launched in 2013 with a release of Hudway App, which has over 2.5M users worldwide. HUDWAY mobile app is specifically designed for navigation in low visibility – it assists like a co-pilot, reduces distraction, and turns a smartphone into a HUD. Company’s two other products, Hudway Glass and Hudway Cast, are aftermarket HUD devices, allowing drivers to use their smartphones as driving assistants.

HUDWAY was listed among “Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2016 in the Automotive Sector” by Fast Company, alongside Tesla Motors and Ford.


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