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HUMBLE(C) PC 2011 Personal Computer (PC) Update March 21, 2011 Electronic Compute Systems, Inc.

San Jose, CA – Preface — I apologize.  When I humble myself I see the world including computers in a different way.  My intent for the Humble© PC is to do only good.
Starting Humble©, (readiness is instant on) we now see a timed presentation referred to as Classic Boot.  First, a tropical island on a lightly clouded day with blue sky, sandy island, palm trees and a sailboat.  Second and Third (frames), a glimpse of morning sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean with an introduction to Humble© including copyright.  Fourth, a return to the tropical island.  Note the mouse was and is on screen and is smoothly operable (it is ready) as is the keyboard.  Fifth, we begin to see dynamic graphics layering to the screen — The start bar including start button, running programs status button, accessories button, and time group-button.  Sixth — Time appears to the lower right button – hours, minutes, seconds, and AM/PM (now dynamically changing).  Seventh – At this point I can rest :-), the Humble© PC is ready to run apps.  Note this ordered presentation (Classic Boot) of Humble© may be skipped at any time by simply pressing the shift key.
Appearing to the lower right corner time now dynamically appears and updates.  Seconds are intentionally appended for demonstration.  Normally seconds (by convention) will not be part of the lower right objects – group.  Single or Double Clicking 'Start Humble' in the lower left corner causes the Main Menu to pop up, layering on top of other graphics.  Pressing the escape key removes it.  Immediately following Classic Boot Azul's sailboat is set into motion perpetually crossing the screen.  With Humble© fully on and running (including sailboat in motion) power was measured to confirm prior claim.  The result — as predicted … Low power equivalent to ~1/10 (that is to say a 90% 'Average Power' reduction versus 3 conventional PCs) has been measured and verified.  Stuxnet — it just so happens that the way in which Humble© implements programs makes it immune to viruses including Stuxnet.  Again, for the record count me on side of humility intending goodwill toward all in the sense of Life and health in more abundance.  I also apologize to hackers.  Humble© now has its first enclosure — a little black box.  First whole PCs (systems) are now available — It works.  Electronic Compute Systems, Inc. is 'Verified' with Paypal.
See more at , or contact: Gregg.Macdonald ( @ ) ecs-pc dot com
Copyright 2009 Electronic Compute Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may be re-published  only in its entirety including contact information for Electronic Compute Systems, Inc.

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