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Hydrogen Gas Cartridge Filter Using Graphene Film

Thomas Institute for Technology Research is announcing a unique, innovative, proprietary solution to filtering and separating hydrogen gas from all other gases using graphene selective absorption method.

Pocomoke City, Maryland (PRWEB) January 03, 2017

The TITR device is a unique selective absorption filter technology that will produce 99.9 % free hydrogen gas in the atomic size of 1.42 angstroms to 2 angstroms.

The filtering of monatomic hydrogen (1H) and molecular hydrogen (H2) from a gas input source containing 1H or H2 produced at the location where the hydrogen gas will be needed.

Expectations are to make continuing discoveries in hydrogen gas filter extraction science that can work towards solving better hydrogen chemistry allowing for improved conditions of many materials, metals, medicines, drugs, and renewable energy as some of the goals.

The benefit of this unique nanotechnology to the world is stable high purity 99.9 % hydrogen.

TITR is the world’s first known scientifically engineered inexpensive, small, portable, stand-alone hydrogen filtration cartridge device using graphene sheets as a filtration material.

Proof of concept with 2 years of operation certification-of-concept yields success, the TITR invention envisions a time when scientifically engineered hydrogen will help increase higher quality energy generation and controlling hydrogen purity.

Our scientific technology is focused on actual low cost site filtration of hydrogen gas that can compete with other future worldwide energy sources in the market place, which will lead to tangible, disruptive, and cleaner renewable hydrogen energy products in the future.

TITR filtration science has shown increases in the concentration of hydrogen at the graphene filter output and that this certified hydrogen production can be used in today’s fuel cell technologies, transportation, power plants, and space propulsion technologies, as well as, other technologies.

The device is 4 inches long and 2 inches wide with 2 -.250 inch ports

Parameters test at 0-16 Hg, 45 – 90 cm of Mercury, 7.85 – 15 psi, 1.42 angstroms to 2 angstroms

The TITR device proposes the world’s first hydrogen gas filter for numerous applications of scientifically engineered hydrogen gas for a viable solution in sustainable, nearly emissions-free energy. A patent application is being filed and is expected to be granted.

The small cartridge size and portability will allow from many energy applications worldwide.

$ 250 each with 30 day money back guarantee.

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