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Iconosys gets in the windows phone 7 game with mighty SMS™ schedule reminder system for personal and professional use

Originally a research and development project designed to explore possibilities and further enhance the wildly popular texting while driving apps already offered by Iconosys’ SMS Replier™ ( and DriveReply™ ( products, Mighty SMS™ has now evolved into a text message scheduling system that allows professionals to setup reminders for their clients and patients and enables them to send their clients and customers friendly courtesy notices/reminders prior to their scheduled meetings and thank you notes afterward.

Mighty SMS™ comes in a personal version, where all features are managed on the phone itself, or in a professional version with more functionality; the app can be administered through an internet interface, and scheduling can be done in real time (right in front of the patient, or while on the phone with a sales lead) and as your appointments are being scheduled. The web interface/management comes at a nominal monthly fee.  Also, while the company is excited about its plans for integration of this app into Google Calendar and Outlook in the near future as a plug-in for ease of  management by office staff and appointment setters, at present Mighty SMS™ is fully functional and ready to meet the heavy demands of the busy professional or house-spouse.

As of now, a personal user can use it to pre-program text message salutations to their friends, loved ones, and professional contacts.  Thank You’s, Happy Birthday’s, and Happy Anniversaries are not accidentally forgotten when you input your Mighty SMS™ onto your phone and utilize this to organize your calendar and your contacts.

In the Professional version, customized replies can be generated that  remind clients and patients of upcoming appointments, with information about contacting you back if there is any changes. 

“Already a favorite among dentists here in Orange County, CA.  The dentists are seeing a lower volume of cancellations and “forgetting’s,” as patients that made appointments sometimes months earlier, and may have completely forgotten their appointment, get a friendly non-threatening personal message from their favorite service provider (dentist, doctor, optometrist, hairstylist, chiropractor, contractor, MONAVIE rep,  etc.),   commented Wayne Irving, CEO of Iconosys, Inc.  Mr. Irving continued, “It’s great for car salesmen or others in sales that want to pre-program a thank you message for a couple days later after the sale, to send good wishes and work for that return customer and high rating of customer satisfaction.”

Texting or text messaging has become a significant portion of our population’s first means of communication.  Less formal than an email, more convenient than a phone call or voicemail, and more secure than instant messaging,  text messaging has become our tool for meaningful introductions when two people wish to express or share short messages without getting into deep conversations, for reasons like lack of time, while still providing a sense of personal fulfillment and significance to the recipient for the “thought that counted” when they receive a wish for good tidings.

Text messaging is a great way to share short personal bits of data between people that share responsibilities, like parents and or partners in a company.  It’s a great way to send addresses and other short bits of info that do not require a full conversation, and without the risk of leaving a voicemail that may not get listened to for days and days.

“I use text messaging for every possible communication I can.  It allows me to talk to more people, get more done in less time, and keep tabs on my employees, without having to go through all the greetings and salutations and small talk all the time.  I don’t do it ALL the time, but it sure helps me to build my business and be more productive wherever I am, while also allowing me to regularly and consistently stay in touch with the people I work with and to convey a “job-well-done” or to give them constructive advice where appropriate” said Jeffrey Weiss, CTO for Iconosys, Inc.

Mighty SMS™ is available to the personal User for $3.99 per month, and for the Business or Professional user at $59.99 per year.  The integrated web interface tools are scheduled to be made available in September for Professional users only at a $39 per month maintenance fee.  Professional users price includes 60 minutes of tech support per year for setup, changes, and migration advice.  The service currently requires a Windows Mobile 6.5 or Windows Phone 7.  The company plans to offer this product on the Android platform when the Android Tablet is released closer to Christmas 2010.

Mighty SMS™ is pending availability on the Windows Marketplace, but until then it can be downloaded from,, and

About Iconosys, Inc.
Iconosys, Inc. is developing a series of technologies designed to make mobile applications better, faster, easier, and ultimately safer to use. Iconosys’ flagship product, SMS Replier™, is a revolutionary mobile phone application designed to couple many convenience services with addressing the growing problem of communicating safely while driving a car, truck, or motorcycle.

Iconosys’ CEO Wayne Irving II, a pioneer in next-generation telecom concepts, has led the drive to take advantage of GPS and other onboard motion technologies to build lifesaving and life-enhancing products and utilities, and to create new and better tools for wireless platforms and mobile device operating systems.

Iconosys proprietary technology, developed with support from Motorola, is a complex series of algorithms and readings from the technology running on today’s Smartphones; this includes, without limitation, GPS and other motion sensoring, coordinated with Google mapping to provide an accurate and responsive background service to most, if not all, of the upcoming Iconosys technology releases.  Iconosys’ DriveReply™ technology tests up to 90% more efficient in battery consumption while using ordinary GPS technology, a key differentiator for Iconosys, when competing with other producers of GPS dependent Smartphone applications. 

For more information, including demonstration videos, on Iconosys, Inc, please visit: or 

For further information about Iconosys, Inc. and its products or for interviews with CEO Wayne Irving II, please contact Adam Mazur at 212-843-8073 or [email protected]  High-resolution images and instructional videos available upon request.  Follow Mighty SMS™ on twitter: @mightysms

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