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If You Enjoy The Abstract and Bizarre, A New Short Story By An Aspiring Author Can Now Can Be Purcha

This short story is about comprehension of the true existence of our universe, and explains it in a bizarre and tangible way. It’s a quick read, but may impact you more ways than you would expect it would. When I was first asked to review, and provide a press release for this short, fictional story, I was extremely skeptical. However, after reading the preface, fictional narrative, and afterward, I took pause, and that hasn’t happened in quite a while.

The short story connects fringe science, such as the multiverse theory, as well as other theories, such as Schrödinger’s cat (briefly, because if it was too long in the tooth, I may not have taken the assignment). However, the principals of what this guy is conveying though his story seems to make logical sense. I’m actually throwing the gauntlet down to see if any physicist would challenge this guy, even the bright and talented Dr. Brian Greene from Columbia University.

I’ll try to abstract this bizarre story as best as I can. There have been reoccurring themes throughout the artistic communities, and the same abstract, only slightly grasping theme seems to emerge, things just don’t seem real, but yet they ‘are’. Movies where we are transported to alternate universes when you get down to the parts where we want, we grasp for more detail, are left empty handed. It’s like stories build up these complicated narratives, but a thing-a-mobob, does all the magic. In this short story, this guy, Matthew Rose, actually stays the magic in the preface and the afterward, and tells this bizarre story in the narrative, which reinforces the theory. Look, you could probably read this short story on one bus commute, but ponder its meaning for the rest of your life.

Protect the youth from the truth of themselves has been a reoccurring theme throughout our time. However, we need to prepare ourselves, and the youth, at an earlier age for when they encounter the truth, the sight of it can be maddening to those who are unprepared.

Throughout life, in truth, we collectively and individually will the truth into being. The power of belief, and what I call the ‘evaporating carrot on the stick’ of the mule, is Man’s own enslavement of himself. However, some view that enslavement as a necessity, and in fact, it may be for some, but for others, who have the maturity and wisdom to collectively move on, being a parent means knowing you’ve done all you can, and knowing when to let go. Are our elders of that generation? It doesn’t seem so with all of the health prolonging products sold today, and the elderly holding on as long as possible in the hopes that they have provided the youth with the tools of manipulation that they need, so they in turn can prolong and protect their children. It doesn’t seem like our elders believe that the children of tomorrow have the real tools. Do I/We believe the oxen and plough are the tools required for flourishing the gardens of tomorrow, and help the youth of tomorrow deal with their own slavery of today?

I will now share with you a secret, which I believe we are prepared to hear. As the saying goes, the ‘grass is not always greener’ on the other side. Before you cast that stone, look upon it, and think: do I want that thrown in my direction? Have I walked a mile in that man’s shoes? Men throughout history have been tested by women, and rightfully so. All sects of society have maturity issues, and have dealt with them in various ways, and there is a cultural divide. We all must approach this ‘virtual peace’ table with all perspectives being valid, and without malicious intent. Those who have malicious intent, such as deception, are justified, at least that is how we have been brought up, and if all perspectives are valid, this one is too. However, the validation of a man’s valor through lies to determine if we are worthy of evolutionary progression has come to an end, and may soon topple our thin house of cards. What we have worked so hard to achieve, an equilibrium state, and stability through evolutionary progression and digression may soon come to an end, which we may not expect. That is the irony, after all.

It’s like being in a movie theater, where all people can see the EXIT signs in case of an emergency. In fact, we are all taught from an early age where the secrets to our existence are hidden, but we are, from our own sects, by the wisest of our elders, cautioned from using them, and there is good reason for that. As an immature person, and a society do we have the courage and strength to see the truth without abusing that knowledge?
What do we want to do next? Some have the maturity to answer that question, and others need guidance to understand what they need, but in the end, we are only guiding ourselves to where we started. That’s one of the bizarre and logical parts of the story. The author believes that we need to understand, and recreate ourselves at an early age, not with malicious intent, and not with a blinding light, but with giving the youth the tools, and freeing them, and in turn us, from the bonds we place upon ourselves. At this rate of decay, just like radioactive element, our society, will crumble and start anew. It has happened in so many societies of the past, at their perceived height of consciousness.

By our own design, an immature design, we have flaws, but we interpret them to our own truth, and the collective truth is tarnished as a result of that loss. We constantly look for hope or the ‘sinner’, but in truth, there is no sin, only immaturity. We guide our youth on quests without an end, just to keep the quest in a continual motion, as to not lose momentum, or the energy. However, what we have not learned yet, is that the potential energy within, and throughout is much greater if we are not elevated with abstract guidance, but education, and the tools necessary for a better design of the minds’ eye.

We have an infrastructure of society, which casts the deep thinkers into more labor, and those who might have an opportunity for the answers into outcasts, but we, in turn are only doing damage to our collective selves. Reach within, and pull out the light, and the right answers. Our architecture for our current existence is like a house of cards, difficult to build upon and maintain, and we think if we continue to reinforce that house of cards with distraction and manipulation, we will hold our society together, but in fact, we are just holding ourselves captive, as well as our youth in the process.

Society is completely upside down, and as an example, our Principals of our elementary education systems should make as much as CEOs of major financial institutions. Yes, the author’s opinion, but maybe half of the millions in bonuses made by CEOs should be redistributed to elementary education, by choice established, and not by force. If we want our society, we need to construct a better foundation, and not with a house of cards, but with brick and mortar, the youth are our foundation of the future.

A short story has been written in truth, and the author believes societies are ready to handle it. Panic will not ensure, if we leverage the collective gifts of our humanity for the greater good, and thus the good within ourselves will flourish. We will feel hope with the transparency of our entrapment, and just like on a cellular level, the walls of our universes will become beyond the process of ‘mitosis’, but that with an equilibrium flow, naturally progressing our youth into adolescence. We will then be free from trying to hold up the house of cards as elders, and be allowed transference.

At this point, we are a kaleidoscope of atoms, colliding without any regard for progression, and actively eliminate the catalysts of evolution. The tools of the past, to keep society stability, are like the horse and carriage before the car was developed. Not everyone has to be CEOs, nor do they want to, or think they need to be. As a human collective, we have to realize the Turkey Vultures are circling us, and we are just another experiment, like a collection of cells. If we do not reinforce our collective with the truth, like Multiple Sclerosis, our own immaturity can and will consume us. The only way up, is down, the only way down, is up. It is quite confusing, but looking at society, even the most basic of our youth with comprehend the truth of society, and we might be ready technologically, but are we really ready as a collective society?

There have been governments and religions, who have tried to care for us, but with lies, and maybe without malicious intent. All perspectives are valid, so we need to now find out how to continue with the lies, the house of cards, collectively maintaining our composure, while we stop chasing our tails. Our potential energy is much greater if we recognize who we are, gain perspective, enabling the collective self to expand and retract at more naturally occurring rates.

The person I represent has told us this short story, but is an amateur writer, and the style of writing may be, well, rough around the edges. I urge you to look beyond that, and the choice is within each one of us, or the choice will be made by us, not by our humanity, but by our inhibitions and a new design, one in which may not fit our desired mold.

It’s always great to fantasize how to fly like a bird, with such freedom, but it’s also a rare opportunity to get to this stage in our biological, sociological, and technical evolution without the complete decay at a massive rate overnight. Hold it together, stay strong, stay weak, but just stay, for now. We need to allow ourselves to be validated not by lies, but by the truth, or else we are doomed to be in a biofeedback, cyclical loop. However, we must also remember, all perspectives are valid, so remember what a rarity we have to gain such heights with just a few decks of cards, and let’s learn, calmly, how to build a new collective house, with a solid foundation, however, I must caution the reader, this has been tried many times before, like the Tower of Babel, and has failed miserably, and not because we tried to reach the heights of the King of Kings, but because we thought, as a collective we were not ready, but if not now, when? We have advanced ourselves technologically and blindly enslaved ourselves in the process. Free the minds of our youth with the structured wisdom of truth, and not with lies.

When times get tough, in all seriousness, just remember to laugh, at thy collective self.

If you wish to purchase the short story, Exodus from Thy Collective Self
Part 1: Fissure in the Truth
By Matthew Rose

To purchase the short story: Use the link


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