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iLostFinder Anti-theft Pro v2.00 Released – Get back Stolen/Lost iPhone/iPad and Catch the Thief

New Anti-theft Tweak – iLostFinder Pro for iPhone/iPad released. iLostFinder Pro is an Anti-Theft tweak to help iPhone/iPad users get back their stolen/lost devices by stopping the thief from powering off the iDevices or disabling Internet connection.

Los Angeles (PRWEB) July 12, 2015

July 10, 2015, Awosoft released iLostFinder Pro v2.00 with powerful features to stop the thief from powering off the iDevice or disabling Internet connection so that users can get back the lost/stolen iPhone/iPad with the help of Find My iPhone and the alarm sound.

When someone picked up or stole an iPhone, the first thing he/she might do is to power it off, pull out the SIM card or disable WiFi/mobile data to prevent the owner from locating the iPhone with “Find My iPhone”. Some pryers may also guess the access passcode of the iPhone to view the victim’s private data.

iLostFinder Pro is an amazing tweak which adds a password protection to events such as “power off”, “pull out SIM card”, “Disable Internet (Wifi/Data/Airplane Mode)” and “Failed passcode” . On these events, a customized alert message with loud alarm sound will be triggered, which can not be dismissed without the password. The thief or the one who picked up the iPhone will be panic when the alarm sound can’t be dismissed and the phone number in the alert message will give him/her the clue to return it.

iLostFinder Pro takes a photo of the thief as well when the alarm is triggered, and sends the photo to user via Email automatically.

With the loud alarm sound, users can catch the thief immediately when the device is still nearby.

With the active Internet and the photo of the thief, thief can be busted even far away with the help of Find My iPhone and Police.

“My wife lost her iPhone 6 Plus recently in the museum. The iPhone was left on the seat and after 3 minutes we came back and found it was gone. I’m sure it was still in the museum but I can’t find it as it was powered off. What we lost is not only an iPhone, but also many of our precious videos and photos of our 1-year-old daughter.” said Mark Simon, CEO of Awosoft company, “This experience made me feel angry and disappointed to the world and then I began to think how to avoid the thing to happen again. What if the iPhone played an alarm sound loudly on power off and stopped the power off ? How to make “Find my iPhone” work after the SIM card is pulled out? With these questions, we developed iLostFinder Pro. We believe that iLostFinder Pro will help lots of people get back their lost/stolen iPhone.”

Brenda Taylor, an iLostFinder Pro user said: “Thanks to iLostFinder, I found my iPhone 6 back instantly. The alarm sound helped me quickly find out who was operating my iPhone 6 out of the crowd. ”

Better Safe than Not, Follow the Anti-theft Tips below to win more chance to get back iPhone/iPad when lost:

Enable “Find My iPhone”

Find My iPhone enables you to track the iPhone Locations, play alert sound, remote lock/wipe the phone which is essential for anti-theft.

Enable Passcode or Touch ID

Passcode or Touch ID protects your data from unauthorized access by the thief or the one who picked up your phone.

Connect to Public Wifi

Connecting to public Wifi gives you more chance to keep the phone Internet active which is essential for the function of “Find My iPhone”.

Connect to Personal Hotspot

Setup personal hotspot on another phone and connect your iPhone/iPad. If your iDevice is lost you can enable the personal hotspot and work around and if the lost device is nearby, it will connect to your personal hotspot automatically. In this way you can get your device found with the help of “Find My iPhone” even the SIM card is pulled out or no Public Wifi available.

Notice: iLostFinder Pro requires Jailbreak to install.

Search in Cydia for “iLostFinder” and choose “iLostFinder Pro” to install it.

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