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Immediate Edge – new gen crypto trading App

My team quite understands some websites induce unsuspecting customers into unregulated apps. Indeed there are several apps in the market claiming to offer cryptocurrency trading. Crypto trading apps, for instance, the Immediate Edge emerged in the market for some years now, and still, new ones are emerging.

We initiated this Immediate Edge review to help investors brush off any doubts surrounding these crypto trading apps. Most of these crypto trading apps are legit and reliable in the market. Immediate Edge is a regulated crypto trading app. My team has conducted an extensive analysis, and anticipates investors will find this article of much service for their course.

What is Immediate Edge App?

Immediate Edge app is backed by a robust program that enables traders easily trade cryptocurrencies. With this high accuracy rate, investors have a chance to get valuable returns on their investment as compared to the high-risk manual trading process.

The user features are simple for the traders. Immediate Edge app is automated, and this implies everyone can access it with much ease through their computers or mobile gadgets. The excellent news is users never have to spend all day or exert themselves on the app. Since the app is automated, the users just need to turn it on, establish their trading strategies, and the app will independently execute the trades on their behalf.

The trader may turn on the app and spend about 30 minutes on trading every day. Traders who fancy great risk trading can adjust the risk options according to the user guidelines. However, trading is a skill every beginner needs to harness through demo trading. 

How does Immediate Edge work?

The Immediate Edge program is engineered based on the trade strategies from the world’s top cryptocurrency traders. These trade strategies are encrypted with a robust algorithm which executes the trades on behalf of the investor independently. Better still, this excellent algorithm maintains to be several times quicker compared to manual trading and has the potential to upgrade itself as per the market conditions.

Immediate Edge works effectively for employing Artificial intelligence and Machine learning which is entirely instrumental in aiding the app to upgrade. Moreso, it functions together with brokers. These brokers are significant in the market, and their tasks mainly involve offering leverage, receiving deposits, enabling transactions, and carrying out commands from the automated trader. This app never manages deposits since various state laws hinder non-financial enterprises from getting deposits.

Essential features of Immediate Edge App

As per the various crypto trading apps, we have earlier reviewed, Immediate Edge ranks on the list for having excellent features. Read ahead to grasp better on these excellent features that make Immediate Edge as a viable investment.

Easy to use

This app is fully automated, and therefore, special skills are not essential for the users to access it. Despite little insight into cryptocurrency trading, anyone can utilize this app with much ease and should make fair use of the demo feature to improve their trading skills.


The withdrawing process on Immediate Edge is quick and enables investors to withdraw their amounts at any moment. The process is simple enough and requires the trader to complete the withdrawal request page. The good news is the investors will bear less than 48 hours to receive the profits in their preferred wallets.

Withdrawal fees are not levied on this app. The system benefits by taking a small commission on the successful trades, which implies for this system to thrive, their users must generate profits.

Customer service

This app has maintained a good reputation and attracted a high number of users for offering excellent customer service. The dedicated support staff is available 24/7, and anyone can reach this app through email or live chat.

How to get started on Immediate Edge App

These simple steps will aid any investor when initiating their cryptocurrency journey with Immediate Edge. 

Step 1: Register

A user needs to visit Immediate Edge official page and provide minimal details such as name, contact number, email address and a password. The verification email is sent within seconds. The user account will be activated after clicking on the verification link.

Step 2: Deposit

Following a successful registration, the user is paired with a broker to facilitate payment of the deposit. Recall, Immediate Edge relies on regulated brokers to enable transactions and receive deposits. After paying $250 minimal deposit, the amount will reflect on the users account in seconds.

Step 3: Live trading

When the traders have made fair use of demo trading options, they can trial live trading by clicking on the live button. Traders need to employ right trading strategies, take calculated risks, and they will have a prosperous cryptocurrency journey with Immediate.


My team concurs this app is regulated and safe for cryptocurrency trading. Anyone can access this app with much ease since the features on the immediate Edge App are quite convenient for users. Additionally, the crypto trading platform has only positive reviews on popular web-based customer feedback platforms including Trustpilot. 

Risk Note: Investing in Cryptocurrency always has some risk, so make sure you do your research before trading. This article is not financial advice, it is an analysis based on our research.

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