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Immigration – Racism. The method to take out the attention of the socioeconomic crisis

The SB1070 law proclaimed by the governor of Arizona, Jen Brewer, on April 23, 2010 took effect on July 29th 2010.
For Washington, immigration issues are the sole responsibility of the federal government, and local laws cannot override federal laws. On behalf of the Federal Government and her answer concerning this law, the judge, Susan Bolton rightly demonstrated responsibility of the federal government enforcing immigration laws in this country. However, in reality the context of this Law, has given other states the ability to try to imitate similar laws such as i.e. Florida.
July 29th will go down in history as a day that persecution over immigration will be carried forward with the pretext of legality, but actually racism is the main issue to overcome.
It is a disgrace in this country that preaching the values and respect will allow the state of Arizona to persecute and mistreat those involved in any type of discrimination related to race, color, religion, and ethnicity. The same governor of Arizona, Jen Brewer, signed another law that prohibits the school system to uphold among members of any ethnic group; especially to those targeted primarily to students of a particular racial group, as well as promoting resentment towards others particular groups.
In this state, they expel school children a little over a month before finishing the school year; over one hundred students will abandon school due to controversial measures taken by Arizona’s Governor, included in the anti-immigrant legislation, and enforced by the Department of Education of the state.
I would like to remind you all the damage done to the humanity during Second World War (THE HOLOCAUST). Today, in the 21st century, Arizona legislation is chasing the unprotected groups. Therefore, destroying all families including children unable to finish school.
Recall that Abraham Lincoln was the president during the civil war granting African-American their freedom. Since then, what have we learned? If history repeating itself? How far are we gotten?. 
Our national security, our economic recovery and the future of the United States of America and indeed the future of human civilization depends on our country taking leadership. And that, in turn, depends on the United States Senate acting.
This is sending a clear message that a state passed such a heinous law, and any consciences person in this country have a moral obligation to speak about. The mere existence of what I believe in, all human are created equal, this is the foundation of our nation. 
God Bless America.
Paul Chehade:.

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