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Improving Performance and Protection: James Schramko Explores Traffic, Consulting Rates and Online Safety in Latest News Video

Sydney, NSW (PRWEB) March 08, 2013

Business owners and online marketers should enter the online scene in order to announce their success; and they must also thrive in their chosen niches by using careful strategies and safety measures for their online properties. The recent news video from seasoned Internet marketer James Schramko discusses ways to increase consulting rates, double traffic, and enforce better protection for online accounts.

News broke out recently that alleged Evernote, a note-taking and organizational tool that can be used to store personal and professional data, became a victim of a serious data breach after hackers gained access to the usernames, email addresses and encrypted passwords of their 50 million users. To reduce the occurrence of hacking, Schramko reminds Web users and businesses to refrain from using the same username and password for the different online accounts and websites that they use.

Tools like 1Password and LastPass enable users to randomize and generate encrypted passwords for each site they need to access. "It probably happens maybe 10% of the time — people put the same name for the password and for the username, and that’s just crazy," the SuperFastBusiness CEO explains. "Don’t do that for any site because if someone knows your username and then they type that as the password, if the software actually accepts that, then you are really opening yourself up to password theft. So, please generate unique passwords for everything that you use so you’re sure that you are protecting yourself online."

For business owners desiring to get paid larger amounts for the services they provide, Schramko passes on advice shared by John Logar, a member of the Internet business coaching forum community FastWebFormula: "It's all about mindset. Focus on the result, not on the mechanics or the tech specs," says the CEO.

"Your average customer knows nothing about technical Internet marketing stuff. What they want is the result. They want more sales, more customers, and if you can explain to them the value of what you’re offering and how much it helps them, then they’ll be prepared to pay for that solution. That’s how high-priced consulting works."

Schramko points out another Web marketing issue raised by members of FastWebFormula — whether doubling the content a company puts out corresponds to doubled traffic. He explains how, in February, racked up over 70,000 page views and more than 35,000 visits; he also had over 62,000 podcast downloads across several content distribution points. "That is a 100% increase from the November-December period," he shares.

How did he do it? Schramko reveals that he added about another 10% to 20% worth of content, but the best innovation proved to be his decision to add the previously paid course called Own the Racecourse for free. "That has driven up the opt-ins, it’s driven up the visits, it’s driven up the page views. So if you really want to boost your traffic, my best tip this week is to add a paid course to your blog for free and let it rip,” he encourages. “Just show everyone in the world what you’re all about, put it out there…and get that traffic coming and you will see an increase in sales conversions, because I have."

Schramko's news update also announces that slots are still available for the FWF 4 live event happening in Sydney on June 13 and 14 this year. "There’s now more than 30 people booked for FastWebFormula 4 Live. Make sure you come along. Every single time someone books, the price goes up until it reaches the standard ticket price of $999. So if you want to get in there early and get yourself a saving, go to and get your ticket now while it’s the cheapest it’s going to be."

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