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InkSure Launches New Product: CarSure

NEW YORK Jan. 19, 2011 INKSURE Technologies Inc Machine Readable Taggants CarSure

CarSure was designed to be used on car windshields (windscreens) in order to authenticate documents commonly fixed inside cars. CarSure can be used by police and government authorities to validate the authenticity of such documents.

CarSure works by using spectrum technology to create a system of taggants and hand-held readers: The invisible taggants are integrated into documents during the manufacturing process. Once incorporated into the document, the taggants can only be detected by a specially-engineered CarSure reader.

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Taggants can be incorporated into any material, including the plastics commonly used in stickers affixed to car windows. Taggants are active for the entire life of the document and only stop working when the document is destroyed. Taggants and CarSure readers are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

CarSure offers governments and local authorities a simple solution to help improve public safety and adherence to regulation.  Incorporating covert taggant authentication technology into official motor vehicle documents ensures that these documents cannot be counterfeited and subsequently ensures that all drivers pay necessary fees and take cars in for required safety inspections.

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Taggant technology offers a low cost alternative to RFID for authentication through glass in some instances. Taggant technology, which can be incorporated for just a few cents per item, is much cheaper than RFID.

CarSure also has uses in the private sector. Taggants can easily be incorporated into parking permits and insurance documents. The CarSure reader can be used by the companies that issue these documents or by the government bodies that regulate these services.

What is Document Authentication and why is it Important?

Document authentication is the process of determining if a document is genuine or counterfeit. This is done by incorporating security features into documents which are later verified by the document’s user or an appropriate authority. Any document can have security features incorporated into it, but the documents most likely to use technology for authentication purposes are sensitive documents such as banknotes, checks, identity cards, passports and tax stamps. Documents are usually counterfeited for the financial gain.

Counterfeit documents hurt document issuers and many others. In the case of car safety inspections, a counterfeit inspection certificate robs the government of revenue and puts other drivers at risk.

There are many technologies on the market for helping customers, corporations and governments determine if the documents they are using are authentic. InkSure makes covert taggant technology which can be easily combined with other security features to create a multi-layered security approach.  

About InkSure Technologies

INKSURE Technologies Inc. (INKS.OB) is an industry leader in taggant technologies for brand protection, product authentication and document security. INKSURE’s taggant technology is applied to tens of billions of consumer items and high-value documents annually. The verification process provides instant, reliable, forensic-quality results. The company targets a number of industry sectors, including the financial and pharmaceutical fields, branded products, transportation, and government projects.

INKSURE is SEC regulated, and publicly traded on the Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board, under the symbol INKS.OB.

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SOURCE InkSure Technologies, Inc.

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