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A pioneer in infrastructure, video technology, mobile workforce access and thin-client computing, Innovativ Systems Design has been racking up awards as well as customers.

A pioneer in infrastructure, video technology, mobile workforce access and thin-client computing, Edison-based Innovativ Systems Design has been racking up awards as well as customers. Chief operating officer Anthony Mellina chats about what it’s like to play a football game that doesn’t end.

How did Innovativ get started?

Oddly enough, the genealogy of Innovativ is rooted in the book publishing business. The company built a fulfillment software product for its warehouse and logistics operation that was then marketed as a solution to similar companies. The application originally ran on Vax and Solaris platforms. The dot-com boom then provided great foundational growth for the company’s expansion into new technologies and solutions. It’s been quite a transformation and the company continues to have an appetite for change and for creating new approaches to solving business problems.

Why do you feel there’s a need for what you provide?

We pride ourselves on our ability to take the raw tool set that system vendors provide and turn them into useable customer solutions. A good example is our Mobility solution: we are not the company that built the mobility tools, we’re the company that enables you to connect to your company’s application data.

What makes your company unique?

The things that set us apart are the diversity of our technical staff and the intellectual property that they have been able to develop. We have people from telecom, finance, system integrators, consumer electronics, and software companies that create a melting pot of ideas and perspectives that make everyday a unique experience.

What kind of challenges does your company face?

The challenge we face continues to be balancing and diversifying our company’s software, service and product offerings and to create technologies that are relevant for the marketplace. We’ve been able to do this successfully and in measured steps for the past three years and still profitably grow the company during tough economic times.

Where do you see your field going in the next few years, and how does the company fit into that?

Many companies in our industry today have not yet begun to deal with the product commoditization in the computer industry. The daunting task of facing that challenge is difficult if you have not started to develop the technical capabilities necessary to change to an integrator or solution provider. The shakeout will be dramatic. Five years ago, DVD players were $700, today you can get one for $29 at Sam’s club. Change is inevitable in our industry and it’s an “eat lunch or be lunch” world. I believe we’ve taken the necessary steps to positions ourselves strategically to not only survive but to thrive well into the future.

What do you like best about what you do?

To me it’s like a great football game that never ends. I like to be in the game playing and taking on the competition rather than being a spectator. We take pride in our strategies, tactics and the way we grind our way down the field or finesse a great play. As long as we’re moving in the right direction no one seems to mind the aches and pains associated with getting up to do it again tomorrow. It’s been fun!

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