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Inside the Laboratory: How Modern Science is Changing our Society

Our world would never be the same again without modern science. The way human beings perform their day-to-day activities is because of science and technology. Science can be found everywhere. Scientific knowledge improves the quality of human life through many platforms. Science informs our personal decisions and public policy on health, agriculture, energy, and conservation among others. Discussed below are some of the ways that the modern science is influencing our society.

1. Genetic Engineering
Science has proven its capabilities of creating life. Since the secret of DNA was unraveled, science has taken the lead in many innovations. DNA replication has led to the creation of new organisms through genetic modification. Scientists have taken this knowledge to the laboratories and are using the knowledge for human treatment. Through genetic engineering, people with deformities have received new looks through gene replication, which gives rise to new cells. Genetic engineering is also being used to discover treatments for various mutations. The science of genetic engineering has also been adopted by the food industry.

2. Medical Advances
Probably, the medical field is the best way to see the impacts of modern science clearly. People can now live longer due to a proper understanding of how their bodies function. In the laboratories, much has been going on and mixing of chemicals has proven fruitful with the notable improvements. Scientists need air stirrers in a laboratory to help them work with volatile chemicals and solvents. The results of these laboratory reactions are uncountable. Vaccines for the various disease like polio measles and smallpox have been invented. Prosthetic limbs are among the numerous notable medical advancements because of modern science. Scientists are currently embarking on a modern science-guided mission to discover cures and vaccines for killer diseases such as AIDS and cancer.

3. Food Sciences
Our modern food is way much better that what our ancestors ate. Due to science advancements, we can store our foods for many years. Additionally, science has led to the creation of modified foods, which are more resistant to diseases and pests. This has led to sufficient food supply. An excellent example is a modern corn, which has larger and juicier kernels compared to what our ancestors consumed. Besides, we currently have massive farms where we source our food products. Animals have also been genetically improved throughout the years to grow quicker and larger.

Modern science simplifies the lives we live in today’s world. This because we can easily and readily obtain what we eat, shelter, and what we wear comfortably. Modern science gives us more free time to pursue our interest and hobbies as well as heighten our education.

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