Latest News Creates 50-Page Insurance Marketing Whitepaper for Insurance Agents

CHICAGO Feb. 24, 2011

The report features coverage of such subjects as:

– The complete story on insurance leads

– How to communicate with prospects

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– How to look back on your experience and translate what you have learned into winning habits

The report notes that each lead purchased has the potential to become a client. It introduces comprehensive advice on lead implementation with six key tips:

  1. You are not alone. Every major insurance lead company in the U.S. sells each lead to more than one agent. So speed is of the essence in contacting these individuals. This leads to Tip #2…
  2. Be the first to contact the consumer. Since this is a competitive situation, follow up promptly. But while the agent who contacts the lead first closes the sale almost 80% of the time, this also means that the second or third agent wins the sale in one-fifth of cases.
  3. exclusive insurance leads
  4. Don’t quote the lead until you talk to them. It’s a bad idea to send the quote information before you talk to the consumer. This turns the sales conversation into a dollar argument instead of a value argument.
  5. Contact a lead the right way. Use the preferred phone number, not the secondary number or even the work phone number.
  6. Never give up. Leads can sometimes take months to close. Using a lead management system helps you maintain a more effective follow-up routine.

Lev Barinskiy

"I hope you get as much from this advice as I did," adds Barinskiy, stating that these tips have enabled agents to increase sales by up to 5%.



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