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International Action Delivers 150,000 Gallons of Clean Water in Port-au-Prince Each Day.

International Action has located 28 water storage tanks in Port-au-Prince neighborhoods which are undamaged and able to hold at least 1000 gallons. The group is now paying local water truck drivers to fill these tanks in the poorest parts of the city.

International Action staffs are adding chlorine to each truckload of water. Each truck holds 3000 gallons of water and can make 5 trips a day to many parts of the city. So far, International Action is renting 10 trucks each day and plans on renting still more as roads are cleared of earthquake debris.

Since May of 2006, International Action has installed chlorinators on water tanks in Port-au-Prince. With 140 installations, the group has supplied clean water on a daily basis to 400,000 Haitians.

In the first three days after the quake, Dalebrun Esther, the Haitian director of the group, supplied 20,000 gallons of water to the poorest neighborhoods using the groups’ small truck tank. Now, he devotes his time to recruiting commercial truckers who normally haul water to wealthy neighborhoods and vendors who can pay higher sums for water. International Action is funding the truckers to reach poor neighborhoods in the crisis, and adding chlorine for safety.

International Action is developing a plan for rebuilding at least 23 water tanks damaged by the quake, and adding water tanks in those neighborhoods currently without water tanks. This effort will reach 2 million residents in a period of 5 years.

More funding, and more support from CAMEP – the city’s water agency, and even help from the US military now in Haiti could speed up the schedule. Groups who want to cooperate can reach International Action at or 202-488-0735. Staff are Lindsay Mattison, Youngmin Chang, and Jeffrey Sejour (Creole speaker). Chlorinatos are made by Norweco at Norwalk, OH and chlorine tablets are made by Arch Chemicals at Norwalk, CT.

Lindsay Mattison, Executive Director
International Action


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