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International Prostate Cancer Expert Dr. David B. Samadi Discusses Weill Cornell Study on the Value of Robotic Surgery Experience

NEW YORK Feb. 17, 2011 robotic surgery prostate cancer David B. Samadi robotic prostatectomy prostate cancer treatment New York City

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Surgeons need the experience to ascertain with increased accuracy, of up to 90%, how much malignant tissue needs to be removed around the prostate gland. Any cells that remain could lead to recurrence of prostate cancer. Additionally, robotic surgery expertise allows the surgeon to spare the delicate nerves that are responsible for sexual and urinary function, which are the leading complications from prostate surgery.

New York City Mount Sinai

Robotic surgery requires smaller incisions, results in less blood loss and faster recovery, thus adding to its appeal. "However, this operation is not easy to perform well, and that only comes after doing it successfully over and over," said Dr. Samadi, who created his signature SMART (Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique) Surgery Technique, based on his years of experience with robotics.  

The study, focused on the use of Intuitive Surgical Inc.’s da Vinci robot, demonstrated that robotic surgeries are being done at an increasing rate by inexperienced surgeons at community hospitals. The allure of this type of surgery is very high because it has been shown that it can be learned quickly. "Learned, but not mastered," says Samadi.

"The problem is that the machine is so expensive, that hospitals feel they need to use it substantially in order to recoup the operating and marketing costs," said Dr. Samadi. "And not every hospital should have the robot – it should just be allocated to centers of excellence." Samadi feels that by streamlining the amount of hospitals that purchase the robot, they can better manage the training and experience of the surgeons operating the robot to ensure expertise and volume."  Intuitive Surgical claims that every hospital has its own training system to train surgeons and it’s not up to Intuitive to determine when doctors reach an adequate proficiency level.

"Experience is key," says Samadi. "So be sure to do your research and choose a high-volume, multi-disciplined surgeon who operates with a skilled team in a center of excellence, for success against prostate cancer."

CONTACT: Dr. David B. Samadi

Vice Chairman, Department of Urology

Chief of Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery

The Mount Sinai Medical Center

Ph: 1-855-DRSAMADI


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