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Internet Providers Are Hijacking Internet Freedom, Claims

ATLANTA July 26, 2011

These policy changes reduce the amount of activity the ISPs’ customers are allowed on their own paid Internet connection, as opposed to net neutrality which deals with content, instead of amount. However, these limits don’t apply when using the Internet Providers’ own TV and phone services which are delivered over the same connection.

As an example, if a viewer watches just one Netflix or Hulu video the meter is quickly turning. But when using the Providers’ TV service it’s okay to run every TV in the house, 24/7, with no penalty. Or, there is unlimited calling with the Internet Providers’ voice service, but pick up a Vonage phone and the meter is running.

The penalties for exceeding these limits include surcharges or service being turned off. observes that these moves are an increase in rates with a decrease in service which, in any economy, would cause distress but in these difficult times are a colossal burden. This organization strongly believes that if consumers do not take a stand and fight back immediately there will be huge consequences resulting in the loss of Internet freedom.

Most people don’t stop to think about how important the Internet has become to everyday life. A vast multitude of activities require Internet access – from watching videos using services like Netflix and YouTube, to listening to music using iTunes, to making phone calls with Vonage or Skype, to checking and sending email, to playing games, to accessing favorite social media services like Facebook or Twitter, to performing online banking, to checking favorite stock quotes. And the list keeps growing.

The simple truth is the Internet is a requirement for a huge list of growing devices beyond just a computer. Some of these Internet-hungry devices include tablets, gaming systems, smartphones, set-top boxes, TVs, DVD players, GPS’s and even some appliances.


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