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Introducing Levelpump! Check Your English Ability with Vocabulary Tests that Use Word Association

Twinword collected vast amounts of data from well-polished Angloamerican culture websites, and submitted the data to natural language processing by machines and manual processing by English language experts. The end result was the creation of a huge database about the relationships between words. Levelpump, which is the app’s vocabulary and level test, is based on the entries in that database.

A beta-version of their Levelpump tests can be tried out online at Users have two ways to narrow the level test down to the appropriate level of difficulty right for them: by selecting from the specific test they are preparing for (TOEFL, TOEIC, SAT, GRE) or by selecting an academic level (elementary, middle, or high school).

The idea behind the vocabulary level tests being offered by Twinword is that the user should select the word which is the most closely related to a given grouping of words. For example, "animal, tail, lion" could be the word grouping and the user must select between "dog" and "sound" the word which is most closely related to the words in the grouping. After taking the level test, the website user can enter his/her email address and receive additional related study materials for free via email.

The Levelpump test is designed to be used by students of the English language throughout the world. It can be accessed not only via the online webpage but also via applications that can be found on Google Play, App Store, etc. Furthermore, Levelpump is scheduled for inclusion in YBM’s English-Korean-English dictionary app as well as in iRiver’s, Nurian’s, and the Android electronic dictionary starting from February 2013.

Twinword is in the position to compile a database of details about word associations because its level test is being used throughout the world. For example, it can extract massive amounts of statistical data about how a variety of associated words are related to specific issues or regions. Kono Kim, CEO of Twinword, said, "We don’t ask for or collect any personal information. Our sole purpose is to use the test results to stockpile data about words."

Big data have recently been a hot topic of discussion, and their rise has led to advances in technology that can analyze large amounts of SNS and community data. However, even industry specialists admit that the accuracy of the results themselves has not yet been verified. Kono Kim (CEO, Twinword) addresses this issue by saying, "We are compiling a database of knowledge about word associations that is being created by the direct participation of people throughout the world. This makes it possible to analyze trends and different thought patterns on per-region and temporal bases. We are able to apply these analyses to produce more pertinent search engine results and target advertisements more accurately."

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