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Introducing Scrapbox, a Realtime Team Wiki with Smart Auto-Sorting from Nota the Creators of Gyazo

Scrapbox is a new style of team wiki with realtime editing and auto-sorting that makes working on the web faster and more organized.

Menlo Park, CA (PRWEB) December 19, 2016

Scrapbox is a new style of team wiki that makes working together easier for coders, designers, and all kinds of people on the web.

Combining a live markup editor with auto-sorting it enables faster brainstorms, meetings, and work that stays organized long-term. With Scrapbox everything has been designed to allow ideas to flow in one place and add to a clear big picture.

The main uses are rapidly sharing ideas or doing work, exploring related pages in context, and seeing recent updates from your team on the homepage. There are several productivity features that are unique to Scrapbox which enhance collaboration when compared to slow traditional wikis, messy folder-based sharing services, and complex project management apps.

Frictionless ideation

Image and video links display with a simple Ctrl+v or right click then paste so visual ideas can be shared instantly. New pages can be started from any text so ideas can branch off naturally. And all the littlest scraps of information are related so the big picture stays visible and its easy to dive in.

Making & creating seamlessly

Imagine work flowing from idea to execution with much less friction. Super simple markup lets anyone create, expand, and explore ideas as fast as they can type. It’s easy to add tags, code snippets, bullet points, titles, and more without leaving the text editor.

Work side by side with anyone anywhere

Collaborative editing lets a whole team work together on the same page from multiple screens. It provides a big boost in clarity and accessibility for working on shared tasks such as planning projects, brainstorming, or holding a meeting and especially for remote teams.

Explore and expand ideas effortlessly

With so many separate docs and folders work is slowed down when things are lost or duplicated, especially with remote teams. Scrapbox lets everyone see what everyone else is working on in a dynamic way with related tags so next steps stay clear and in context.

A cloud app with all the modern amenities

It can be edited, searched, and explored on any device with a modern web browser. Everything is saved while typing and updates can be seen on the homepage as well as in Slack, HipChat, and more coming soon. Manage members, who is on which projects, privacy settings, and billing with a single administrator account.

How much better is this than a traditional wiki?

“Scrapbox is focused on realtime collaboration within a wiki format. It makes working on many tasks with a team noticeably easier because changes are instant but everything stays well structured. The best result has been a sort of open sourcing of everyone’s ideas. We’ve seen people really enjoy shared understanding because its so easy to add insights and learn from each other.” – Isshu Rakusai, CEO of Scrapbox/Nota

What is the vision for its impact on small teams and startups?

“We use it to clarify and coordinate all our team meetings, projects, and visual elements of design through screenshots. For us, Scrapbox fits perfectly alongside Slack when you want to expand and add detail to ideas in a more structured way.” -Isshu Rakusai, CEO of Scrapbox/Nota

Who are the creators of Scrapbox?

Nota was founded in late 2007 to enable creators of all kinds to communicate and work more efficiently online. From Kyoto, Japan to Silicon Valley and around the world they created several apps including Gyazo which is an instant screen capture app with roughly 10 million unique users per month. There is more information on the company website here: nota inc.

How is it being used by the team that created it?

Inside the Nota team Scrapbox has been used daily for the past six months to work on Scrapbox itself, Gyazo, and other business functions. The team has found many benefits from using it including improved execution speed and learning more from each other. The ease of adding Gyazo screenshot, image, and video links with text makes sharing ideas much more frequent.

Ben Foden

Head of Communication at Scrapbox / Nota


Isshu Rakusai

CEO of Scrapbox / Nota



Began developing human-friendly software such as Kamicopi, a note-taking app which sold a million copies when in high school. Moved to the United States from 2007 to found Nota Inc. in Silicon Valley, and has been involved in developing applications and websites since then. Currently the flagship Nota service “Gyazo” boasts the top share of the world screenshot-taking market, with 10 million unique users per month. Rakusai also completed a Master’s degree in Policy and Media at Keio University.

Toshiyuki MASUI

CTO of Scrapbox / Nota

Professor, Faculty of Environmental Information, Keio University.


Worked at Sharp, Sony Computer Science Laboratory, Industrial Technology Research Institute, and Apple after graduating from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering with a Master’s degree. Has conducted various research related to user interfaces such as information visualization, information retrieval, example / prediction interface, text input system, ubiquitous computing, etc. Currently is known as a developer of “POBox” Japanese predictive conversion system on almost all mobile phones and smartphones, and of the flick input system on iPhone.

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