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Introducing the 47 Degrees Academy

Seattle, WA, June 09, 2020 –(– What is 47 Degrees Academy?

47 Degrees Academy is an innovative source for online video courses specializing in Functional Programming.

Why Launch a Functional Programming Academy?

47 Degrees’ chief technical officer, Raúl Raja, explains that the purpose behind launching 47 Degrees Academy is to “spread the understanding of good practices resulting in safer software using Functional Programming and Formal Methods.”

Maintaining active participation in the Functional Programming community is important to 47 Degrees. The company is comprised of active community members who speak at conferences, participate in training workshops, and work on open source projects that benefit the community. The company also sponsors and organizes events focused on Functional Programming.

How Does 47 Degrees Academy Work?

The objective of the 47 Degrees Academy is to help students achieve professional and/or personal goals, turning them into proficient functional programmers. The courses are led by industry experts who will help students understand the fundamentals of Functional Programming through video instruction and hands-on exercises.

How is 47 Degrees Academy Different From Other Learning Platforms?

47 Degrees Academy is a product of 47 Degrees—a well-established and respected global consulting firm specializing in Functional Programming with a demonstrated commitment to the community and the elevation of Functional Programming.

The Academy stands out because, as Raja describes, “47 Degrees Academy emphasizes learning safe practices for software development utilizing Functional Programming and Formal methods to ensure that students understand how to use the best tools in the appropriate scenario, and how to avoid the pitfalls programming languages and frameworks carry based on patterns or ad-hoc solutions they provide for a wide range of industries. 47 Degrees Academy helps people create better software and code better by understanding fundamentals and safe application in the industry.”
Other similar educational offerings aren’t that dissimilar from a simple Zoom meeting, where an instructor shares some slides, and may or may not have a small video of themselves speaking in the corner of the screen. That isn’t a bad approach, per se. But the 47 Degrees Academy set out to enhance the student experience by providing visually-engaging courses unlike anything else currently available.

Ultimately, the 47 Degrees Academy provides a modern approach to Functional Programming education. The teaching fundamentals at 47 Degrees Academy are based on science, guiding students to write correct programs, and providing valuable knowledge from veteran programmers that can help students avoid common mistakes from the ground up.

Introductory Offer

The COVID-19 health pandemic is still negatively impacting people around the world. And many students and professionals are still getting used to online education and virtual events. In light of this current situation, 47 Degrees Academy is launching with an introductory discount of 50% off all courses in the academy.

Now is the time for students to elevate their educational experience with Functional Programming at the 47 Degrees Academy.

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