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IT temping is going to be big. Here are some sites to check out. IT temping IT temping is going to be big. Here are some sites to check out.

Dear Molly: Is there such a thing as temping in IT, like there is in office work? I work with a couple of temp agencies in my area, and like the freedom of working when I need to and for a variety of companies. I have considerable computer-related office skills and am thinking of upgrading those skills with a MOUS certification or maybe learning accounting. The agencies I work for don’t handle IT temping, and I’m not about to ask them for names of agencies that do!

Molly says: You know, I think you may have hit on one of the coming trends in IT employment. Companies are simply not pouring the necessary training dollars into IT to upgrade staff skills; thus to find the skills they need, the’ll have to hire temporary staff big-time over the next five to ten years. If you combine your office temping with IT temping, you could keep yourself busy full-time if you like.

I think working as an IT temp could be a great way for anyone to shop around for a good employer. You can’t tell from ads and annual reports which potential employers really do treat employees well. Working at a company as a temp, on the other hand, gives you a realistic idea of what working there as a permanent employee would be like. If you want to use temping as a way to find a permanent job, make sure your agreement with the temp agency allows that. Some agencies charge companies a fee if you take a permanent job.

Here are a few Web sites where you can scout for IT temporary jobs: Net Temps,,, Skills Village, and Elance.

Molly Joss also writes the monthly Career Advisor column for ComputerUser magazine. Ask a career-related question at [email protected]

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