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It’s Time for College: Choose the Best Computer for You

It’s Time for College: Choose the Best Computer for You

As a student on a budget heading into college, or going back to college after putting some gap, it’s necessary to purchase a computer of your own. While dealing with the costs of college living expenses, books, and materials needed to succeed, it is often stressful deciding which computer is best for you. First, the question everyone will have to answer is if they want a MAC or a PC. With all the exciting new technologies out there, both are excellent options, but the final decision should rely on what you’ll mainly be using it for, along with some other factors.

One factor to take into account is deciding if you’ll be using it simply for writing, or for things that are much more high-tech. Simply writing essays is easy, but when you’re doing much more, you’ll need something with more memory, and more applications.
Take into account the amount of money you have to spend on the computer. Do not break the bank buying one that you realistically cannot afford. If there is one that you like, but that is out of your price range, do research online and look for one that is similar but fits in with your budget.
Next, you’ll want to look at the amount of memory you’ll need. If you are unable to save things and store pictures and projects on your computer, than what is the reason of having one? As a college student, you’ll work on endless papers and projects, and you want a computer that you can depend on without worrying about losing anything.
Be sure to look into the battery life your computer has. Take it from me, while in college, I bought a computer with a low battery life, and it would constantly die while I was in the middle of class. I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of work I lost because of this issue. You want a long battery life so you are able to work remotely (otherwise, what is the point of a laptop?).
Lastly, if you’ve decided that a laptop actually isn’t for you, a desktop is another option to consider. Today, more people prefer laptops, so desktops are much less expensive. When you purchase a desktop, it often comes with a printer as well-something a laptop sadly does not include.
Now that you’ve decided which computer you’re looking to buy, do your research. I suggest making a list of the computers you like and the things you’re looking for. Once you have that list, look at the options in your price range that fit what you need. Go to an electronics store and talk to a customer care representative face to face about what you’re looking for and if it’s feasible. It is always best to shop around. Once you get a quote from one place, go to another to see if they are able to beat the price. Another option is purchasing yours when you know that a certain store or website has computers for sale.

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