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ITU-T Standards Compliant Soft-Modems for the Set-Top Box (STB)

The soft-modems are compliant with specific ITU-T standards and yield comparable reliability and quality to traditional hardware modem chipsets with reduced costs for large volume production.

The modem software run on a DSP or microprocessor along with other control software and require an analog front-end. These modular, re-locatable and reentrant soft-modems support multi-channel capability and have been ported on all common embedded hardware platforms. They are operating within multi-tasking environments or as stand-alone tasks and are optimized for fixed-point arithmetic.

GAO’s soft-modems are the ideal solution for satellite STB units. The lower speed modems, using V.22 (1.2kbps) or V.22bis (2.4kbps) standards, provide a speedy hand-shaking process and a sufficient bit rate to complete the typical low bandwidth transaction within seconds. The higher speed modems include V.34 (33.6kbps), V.90 (56kbps) and V.92 (56kbps). V.92 offers a higher upstream data rate of 48kbps.The high-speed soft-modems are typically utilized in high-end satellite STBs to support advanced interactive features requiring higher bit rates.

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