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Jackson, Gunner & Wolfe achieves highest success rate in commercial collection industry.

When asked why Jackson, Gunner & Wolfe, LLC reported success rates over and above commercial collection industry standards, Vincent Gunner president of JGW had this to say:

“JGW’s success is built on what we call the TRIPLE DOWN strategy. The triple down strategy is the culmination of years of experience, training, education and research on debtor behavior and psychology. What we have found is that debtors rarely respond to a single, or even a combination of two or more contacts spread over time. Our TRIPLE DOWN strategy has proven effective against all types of judgment debtors, debtor businesses and individuals. Jackson, Gunner & Wolfe, LLC does not make threats of any kind which we firmly believe that debtors try to intentionally elicit so that they can begin to ‘build a case’ against the collector as well as the original creditor and avoid their own responsibility.JGW’s TRIPLE DOWN strategy spells consequences to debtors and follows through. The first quarter of 2010 brought unprecedented success because JGW ‘tripled down’ on debtor businesses and helped refute the promotion of ‘late pay permissiveness’ in business environments. Banks are currently promoting products that encourage debtors to delay their payables by offering to extend expensive credit and turn over the slow payment schedule to the bank. Banks are competing to ‘finance payables’ keeping our clients money in their pockets while they earn interest on it and charge the debtor business interest.

JGW will not tolerate such permissiveness. The TRIPLE DOWN strategy focuses on a triple prong contact demand system. Before a debtor business is considered having been given a firm demand the following, at a minimum, must occur:

1) Telephone contact (JGW has the most sophisticated cell phone location service available.
2) Email, USPS, social networking, website, text and facsimile confirmed demand contacts
3) Confirmed asset information including property deeds. credit accounts, bank accounts, vehicles, boats, airplanes anything that can liened, attached, levied, sequestered, repossessed, seized including safety deposit boxes.

All of the above must be coordinated to occur on the same day in order to be a true TRIPLE DOWN. We have found that when we triple hit our success rate is 89% within seven days.

At JGW, LLC our results speak for themselves”

Jackson, Gunner & Wolfe, LLC provides premium debt collection services to satisfied clients in many states across the country.


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