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James Schramko Reveals Successful Leverage Formula for Building Customer List and Increasing Conversions

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) June 14, 2012

In a video that delivers so much more than business news, online marketing magnate James Schramko reveals some of the processes he employs to build a customer list and increase conversions as well. In the process, he identifies a select set of tools to accomplish this purpose: Wistia, GotoWebinar, and Office Auto Pilot.

Schramko maintains in a news video posted on that one of the best ways to get in front of prospects is to send them a personalized video and indicates that Wistia is the service he himself uses. “(Wistia) is like a private YouTube video hosting account,” he explains. “I simply upload a video. Whether it’s a face-to-camera, like this, or whether it’s a PowerPoint, which I’ve recorded with screen recording software, I load it up to Wistia. It encodes it for me and sends me a nice link. I send the link to the person I want to speak to and they just click on the link and get to see my video in a nice branded player.”

The Internet marketing expert and coach follows this with the welcome news that Wistia has just released a free program. “So you can actually access this for no dollars down,” points out Schramko. “Try it out. If you like it, you might get a paid account, which is what I have, but I think you’ll find the personal cut-through of sending a video has certainly a higher impact than sending an email, and it’s especially good for following up people who you’ve already spoken to so they’re looking out for this communication with you.”

Schramko then discloses his own clever practice for building a customer list, which is to start off with a small-priced offer, usually stemming from the breakdown of a big product. This is a process he refers to as a self liquidating offer. “What you do is you take this small product and then you start buying traffic to that product,” he details, cautioning that it should earn enough to pay for the advertising. A good example of a self liquidating offer, he cites, is to run paid webinars using GotoWebinar and then to let these go out to prospects. These can actually be leveraged many times by putting them into a sequential follow-up.

“You’ve effectively built a customer list who are qualified proven to spend. They already like what it is that you have, and because your product is a smaller product of a bigger product, then it makes sense that you could sequentially follow that customer up and offer them the bigger product.” The effort doesn’t cost anything since profit is made in buying the list. Schramko uses Office Auto Pilot for sending the emails.

He also places emphasis on the use of metaphors to deliver a message and enable people to relate better to it. “I guess people can place themselves inside the story and understand the meaning of the story without you having to spell it out in simple sales language,” he expounds, providing a couple of examples, one of which is the “sliding doors” metaphor. This, according to the business authority, out-converts any type of sales technique.

Schramko also touches on the importance of benchmarking in a business. “One of the best things you can do inside your team is to start benchmarking. When you have two or more people doing the same job, get some key performance indicators that you can measure,” he advises. In the case of varying results, this will allow employers to identify what causes the high level of performance and what causes the low output. “If you don’t have your own team what you can do is benchmark your business against other businesses in the same category and see what sort of ratios they’ve got.”

In a video that is packed full of helpful tips, Schramko signs off with yet another one. “Identify something in your business that you’re doing really well and make an action plan to do more of it. So scale up your wins, do more of what’s working, and you’ll find your business will grow more profit faster.”

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