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Jammers Vs Falsifications. 1:0 so far

Everyone knows that the most widely spread method of falsification at any elections is bribing of voters. But this technique has serious disadvantage, there is a possibility that voter will take money and still give his vote tp another candidate. It was absolutely impossible to spy out the voter's choice until now. Today's technique made possible for a person to gain absolute control over the voting process of another person with the help of various secret devices. So some political forces decided to place small secret wireless cams on the bribed voters to receive real time video from voting cabin and so got the chance to check whether the voter made the “right” decision. Also for these purposes mobile phones that can be used for video calls were used.

Knowing all this, some parties provided their representatives with special jammers to disrupt 2.4 GHz frequency and thus to prevent opponents from using wireless cameras. Also GSM and 3G jammers were used to block all mobile phones at the voting cabins. In the vast majority of cases only one jammer was used. That universal jammer not only jams all these frequencies but also is extremely compact so there were no problems with discreet usage of it.

As we see, blockers become more and more popular at the post-Soviet territories. The demand for blockers is growing not only among ordinary people but also among different government officials and organizations. In January 2010 jammers were used at the elections, in spring 2010 they are supposed to be used during school exams. What's next?

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