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J.D. Power and Associates Reports: Vehicle Owners Show Willingness to Spend on Automotive Infotainment Features

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. April 26, 2012

The study measures vehicle owner interest and purchase intent for emerging automotive technologies, both before and after market price is revealed. The top-five considered technologies—based on vehicle owners who indicate that the "definitely" or "probably" would purchase in their next vehicle—both pre-price and at market price are:

Pre-Price Feature Interest

At Market Price Feature Interest

Light emitting diode (LED) headlights         70%

HD radio (at $100)                                                        52%

Natural language voice-activation              69%

Enhanced collision mitigation system (at $750)           46%

Next-generation head-up display               69%

Wireless connectivity system (at $300)                      45%

Wireless connectivity system                     68%

Surround-view rear-vision camera (at $550)              44%

Remote vehicle diagnostics                        65%

Personal assistance safety services (at $15/month)  41%

Not unexpectedly, purchase interest declines across all features when a price is introduced.

Mike VanNieuwkuyk

Autonomous Driving—Polarizing Views on Value


($800) ($800) ($800)

"Consumers are still learning about how autonomous driving technology could be used in their vehicles," said VanNieuwkuyk. "Many owners are skeptical about releasing control of their vehicle and would like to see the technology proved out before they adopt it."

Vehicle owners with the highest interest in fully autonomous driving at market price are males (25%), those between the ages of 18 and 37 (30%), and those living in urban areas (30%).  The study also finds a high degree of interest (41%) in fully autonomous driving among vehicle owners who expressed interest in the automatic parallel parking feature, further illustrating similar interest in both semi-autonomous and fully autonomous driving modes.

Interest in autonomous driving mode differs among premium and non-premium vehicle owners. After learning the price, interest in the feature is at 18 percent among non-premium vehicle owners and at 31 percent among premium owners.

Research conducted[1]  by J.D. Power’s Consumer Insight and Strategy Group to track social media activity regarding autonomous driving finds that online sentiment is generally positive. While some vehicle owners perceive the benefit of autonomous driving as taking the control away from careless, distracted drivers, others see it as an opportunity to be free and to enjoy the time while traveling. However, auto enthusiasts see autonomous driving as the loss of status and would not want to give up the pleasure of driving.

Other social media research findings include:

  • Many drivers believe that autonomous driving is an emerging trend, but is still far off in daily use primarily due to legal barriers and real-life implementation hurdles.
  • Drivers would want the option for autonomy during times of "boring" driving, such as commuting to and from work, highway driving, going to the store or finding a parking space, but want to take control for pleasure driving or manual maneuvering.
  • Given consumer expectation that an autonomous vehicle will cost more upfront and also to maintain than a traditional vehicle, some consumers envision the potential for vehicle-sharing programs with neighbors or within families as a means to offset these costs.

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SOURCE J.D. Power and Associates

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