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Jp Diamonds – Specialists In Hand Crafted Diamond Rings

All their diamonds over 0.25ct are certified by independent grading entities. They provide a certificate which gives a detailed account of a diamond’s characteristics.

A Diamond ring is the best gift for the person you love the most. But it’s not all that easy to get hold of one that is made of an authentic diamond. Therefore, it is important to buy it from a credible seller having a large variety of diamond rings to choose from. This will ensure you your money’s worth.

A diamond wedding ring is a beautiful symbol of commitment and love to your partner. It is something that you will cherish all your life. Ancient Egyptians believed that this ring should be worn on the finger of the left hand because the vein of love, which goes straight to the heart, passes through it. Diamonds are a mark of splendor and quality. Diamonds are available in varied colors like blue, yellow, brown, green, purple, pink, orange, red and the most popular, white.

Diamond is a polymorph of the element carbon. Most natural diamonds are formed at high-pressure high-temperature conditions existing at depths of 140 to 190 kilometers (87 to 120 mi) in the Earth’s mantle.

These can also be produced synthetically in a high pressure and high temperature process which resembles the conditions in the Earth mantle. They also possess an extremely high refractive index and fairly high dispersion.

Roughly 49% of the world’s diamonds are from central and southern Africa, although significant sources have been discovered in Canada, India, Russia, Brazil and Australia. For those who cannot afford diamonds, there are many substitutes available in the market. The main substitutes are cubic zirconia, moissanite and zircon. Other gemstone substitutes are topaz, beryl, sapphire and spinel; though their sparkle is no match for a diamond.

JP diamonds are specialists in hand crafted diamond rings and wedding bands. Their diamonds are sourced from all over the world. They believe in giving nothing less than what you truly deserve. The say ‘join us for a free glass of champagne every Saturday’. For more on what they offer you can visit their website or email them at [email protected]


JP Diamonds Ltd,
22 – 23 St Cross Street,
Hatton Garden,
London EC1N 8UH
Telephone:  0207 4300 915 / 0207 4300 915
Email: [email protected]

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