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Just listen to me and try to visualize…

This is a review of an innovative new webcam that takes on a different design philosophy to effectively make it easy to bring the camera to your work.How many times have you been frustrated on the phone or a conference call and uttered the words "Just listen to me and try to visualize"… We are all aware of the many technologies and webcams that have been on the market for a number of years now, but the issue with most of them is the lack of convenience. Those of you that bought webcams, probably have the type that sit on top of your PC monitor and if you recently upgraded to a flat panel monitor, it is probably sitting in a drawer because you can't place it atop these skinny monitors. Perhaps you are more up to date than that and have purchased one of the newer laptops that have a webcam built in just above the screen…

Wonderful, but how convenient are these options in reality? Do you bring the computer to the item you want to share or do you bring the computer over to the item? I bet that you don't do much of either because of how clumsy it is to do this. In fact, you probably don't even use it because of these reasons.

I recently came across a really great camera which comes with a twist. It's called the POV cam, which stands for "point of view". It's made by a San Franciso based company named IPEVO and what these folks have done is, they've taken a high quality webcam and packaged it in a long, cigar shaped housing with the cable coming out the back of it. It is a very clean and highly useful design. Since the camera has a focusing ring on the front that allows you to easily focus on any item from several inches to several feet away.

The camera also has a very flexible mounting design. It is designed in two parts. The main piece is a clip that looks like an ordinary clip which allows you to clip it to just about anything up to about a half of an inch thick. The innovative part to the mounting clip is that the front part of it slides out which allows you to easily attach it to the latest, ultra thin laptop lids. This was a Godsend to my Sony Vaio TX which I was very annoyed with for not having a built in webcam. Within a short period of time after my purchase, Sony added a model with the camera which was no help to me.

The innovative packaging and mounting make the POV camera very handy. The attached cable is long enough to allow you to quickly snatch the camera off its mount so that you can share what you are looking at or as the name implies, share your "point of view". The camera also ships with software that integrate it in to Skype for those of you that avail yourselves to the free VoIP client. If you don't, have no fear because it works with any conferencing or I'm client that uses a webcam. The included software also includes features that will allow you to take quick snapshots and add special effects to your pictures and videos.

The IPEVO POV camera is available at many online electronics retailers as well as in the Twisted Mindworks online Amazon Store at a very reasonable price of about $40 US.

Whether you have a webcam or not, I would highly recommend that you grab one of these ultra convenient webcams and at a minimum throw it in your brief case so that you are always ready for a quick, conveniet & productive web conference wherever your travels may take you.

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