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Jvion’s Clinical Cognitive Science Recommendation Machine Delivers a High-Performance Action Appliance to Healthcare Providers

Jvion’s Clinical Cognitive Science Recommendation Machine is delivering patient, action-level predictions, interventions, and suggestions that are leading to better health outcomes. The solution, which performs like a high-performance, plug-and-play appliance, fits directly into the current technology ecosystem and can start delivering risk and recommendation predictions in weeks.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) December 28, 2016

Atlanta-based Jvion is leading the healthcare industry in cognitive-action solutions precisely because the firm’s Clinical Cognitive Science Recommendation Machine is delivering patient, action-level insights with unmatched speed and precision. The machine, which acts like a high-performance appliance that plugs directly into a provider’s IT ecosystem, is providing predictions, prioritizations, recommendations, interventions, and suggestions to providers across the nation. And it is doing this with unmatched speed, clinical applicability, and patient verity.

“What we know is that healthcare providers need access to the kinds of high performance cognitive capabilities that they see marketed and used by technology giants. But they need this capability delivered in a way that is accessible, actionable, and proven,” said a Jvion spokesperson. “Our clinical cognitive recommendation machine delivers the action-level risk predictions and recommendations that directly improve health. We know this because we have already positively impacted hundreds of thousands of lives and saved millions for hospitals and other providers.”

Jvion’s Clinical Cognitive Recommendation Machine is a complex cognitive ecosystem that goes far beyond simple, isolated machine learning algorithms. The solution is powered by trillions of clinical and non-clinical patient dimensions. The engine comprises hundreds of thousands of self-learning Eigen Spheres that are applied to each patient in real time. This horsepower enables the machine to manage the massively complex, incomplete, diverse, and ever-changing body of patient data including: patient demographic, clinical, exogenous, socioeconomic, and behavioral factors along with evergreen evidence-based medical information.

Complex clinical challenges are broken down into micro problems that are answered and then combined into action-level recommendations rendered with critical specificity for each patient. The machine sees the full patient portrait including endo and exo-factors influencing risk and health. The result is a high-definition, high-resolution view of the patient that is as close to the true future state of a patient’s health as possible.

Jvion’s machine relies on the process of Embodied Cognition to produce patient-specific prioritizations, interventions, and suggestions. The solution produces an ultra-high definition view of the patient 30, 60, 90, even 365 days into the future. The engine is fine-tuned to a provider’s specific patient population to ensure the most precise and actionable risk views and recommendations. There are currently more than 50 specific illnesses and conditions that are pre-trained within the cognitive appliance. Some are highly targeted and specific like pressure ulcers and readmissions while others are designed to address broader challenges like the management of patient risk across a hip/knee replacement episode of care.

“The Jvion machine is designed specifically for healthcare providers. It uses the data that is on hand, takes only a matter of weeks to calibrate, and goes beyond simple risk predictions to account for the entire patient including the interventions that are going to best improve health,” said the Jvion spokesperson. “It works just like an MRI or a lab test. It tells clinicians what they need to know when they need to know it to drive prevention and better health.”

About Jvion

Jvion delivers a Clinical Cognitive Science Recommendation Machine that serves as a high-performance appliance. It activates recommendations that help healthcare providers who need patient-level predictions, prioritizations, interventions, and suggestions produced with unmatched speed, clinical applicability, and patient verity. The machine delivers the action-level recommendations that will best reduce the likelihood of an adverse event. This capability is enabled by a cognitive engine driven by horsepower that is based on more than 10 Trillion clinical and non-clinical considerations and thousands of data elements. We apply our 153 thousand self- learning Eigen Spheres to this data for each patient in real time to help hundreds of hospitals across the nation reduce target illnesses and diseases. Jvion’s Clinical Cognitive Science Recommendation Machine relies on the process of Embodied Cognition to produce patient-specific prioritizations, interventions, and suggestions within two weeks.

One of the reasons Jvion’s solution is independently ranked number one in clinical predictive science is because of our high Positive Predictive Precision Value (P3V). Our approach mitigates the “accuracy fallacy” perpetuated within the industry by delivering a true picture of individual patient risk along with the actions that will lead to better health outcomes. Because Jvion’s machine works as a cognitive appliance, it plugs in directly to the existing Electronic Medical Record/clinical systems to deliver recommendations seamlessly into the workflow. Clinician and care giver adoption of Jvion’s recommendations is accelerated because of the “on-demand” nature of the information. The machine outperforms and outsmarts even the highest performing predictive solutions/approaches available. And this performance hasn’t gone unnoticed; Jvion’s solution has won numerous external awards including designation as the #1 Predictive Provider in Healthcare by Black Book Market Research.

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