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KDSA offers new data center model for hosted services

While other companies offer co-location services, KDSA’s model is unique in the industry.  KDSA will help support and manage your co-located equipment.  Additionally, many data centers will generally not lease less than half a cabinet to a company, which makes the cost of using the center cost-prohibitive to smaller companies.  Conversely, KDSA will allow companies to lease only the space they need – as little as the space to accommodate a single server.  Economically, this puts the co-location concept well within reach of most small and mid-sized companies.

The concept of utilizing an off-site data center is not a new one.  For a single monthly fee, customers get a well-protected, redundant location for critical servers and applications with minimal downtime.  KDSA’s hosted option, however, takes the data center concept one important step further.  In fact, according to Dawn Mortimer, principal and co-founder of KDSA Data Center Services, LLC, the creation of the new data center hosting services was a natural outgrowth of the traditional co-located center.

 “We saw a need in smaller to mid-size companies that couldn’t afford their own equipment and that really needed the benefits associated with being located in a data center, specifically high availability and redundancy,” said Mortimer, who also serves as principal of KDSA Consulting, LLC (

KDSA is offering a “soup-to-nuts” solution.  The company not only provides the necessary space, but all the bandwidth, power, networking, servers, and storage equipment.  In doing so, KDSA can save companies the capital expense of building and outfitting their own on-site server rooms.  Ultimately, the new, highly scalable center is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, for which the cost of building and maintaining their own server room or replacing aging equipment would be prohibitive.

“The connection between the hosted equipment and customer’s own on-site equipment is seamless,” said Mortimer.  “Essentially, we are maintaining each customer’s existing network over a long cable.  It’s a fully integrated, auditable solution that allows our customers to stretch out their on-site services.  And we can maintain all compliance and security protocols.”

The center will prove especially attractive to companies with multiple sites, those that centrally store all of their equipment and confidential information in a single corporate facility; for these companies, a disaster at the corporate facility might cause disruption of IT services at all of the company’s remote sites.  In fact, diesel generators at the data center begin operating in the event of a service interruption.  As a result of this and other preventive measures, KDSA boasts a service uptime of over 99%.

Combined with KDSA’s disaster recovery capabilities, mission-critical data and applications can be effectively protected, ensuring business continuity.  What’s more, clients can opt for a variety of additional managed services, including online backup, e-mail archiving, spam filtering, firewall management, and disaster recovery.

For customers who have already made a significant investment in servers and networking equipment, KDSA also offers traditional co-located services at a separate data center facility, also located in Marlborough.  Once again, keeping affordability in mind, KDSA has no minimum requirements for space.

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