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GLASGOW, SCOTLAND, December 18, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ — In today’s day and age, looking after the environment shouldn’t be mutually exclusive with sound business practice. In fact, it could beneficial to one’s business to employ steps which are environmentally friendly. A study by Ricoh Europe has revealed that any of Europe’s top businesses are missing the boat as far as this goes.

Many European businesses are being remiss in terms of setting targets and auditing the environmental aspects of their document governance as well as their recycling and energy efficiency. As many as two-thirds of senior managers set cost targets for document governance while this drops to 41% for environmental targets. What does this mean? That many European bosses are underestimating the positive contribution of cost reduction strategies on their organisation’s sustainability goals.

Many businesses have a decentralised approach to document governance.

Only 39% of companies have implemented a strategy in their business. Managed Print Services will aid many companies although many businesses do not have a policy when it comes to double sided printing. A massive amount of paper is wasted when this isn’t the case. Often this happens because people don’t know how to print on both sides of the paper. This tends to be less of an issue with Ricoh Printers because they are very easy to understand and simple to operate.

Likewise many European businesses have no formal policy in place when it comes to recycling paper. 47% of business leaders admitted this which is an amount which is simply too high. The reality of it is that many bosses do not concern themselves with many mundane aspects of their business. But an aspect such as this while mundane has the ability to save money and be environmentally friendly.

40% of business leaders have no idea about the toner policy. This figure isn’t as high as it possibly may have been, given how many people have no idea about toner.

If the move came from the top down, more employees would make it a concern of theirs. When asked if they thought about the environment when it came to printing, they had to give a score out of 10 and the average response was 5.5 out of 10. This is a good indication of the luke-warm attitude that many people have regarding this issue.

As far as this issue goes, France seems to be the most advanced. Behind them comes Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. No one country recorded a score over 50% of the maximum which shows there is plenty of room for improvement.

Ricoh Europe appreciates all of this environment concerns and is trying to educate its clients as to the importance of this. Outsource Printing has a positive effect on the environment by reducing the global carbon footprint.

Tom Wagland, Environmental Management Group, Ricoh Europe, said: “Despite sustainability being an important fixture on the business agenda, and documents making up an essential part of day-to-day business operations, there remains a lack of awareness of the role that document governance can play in driving both environmental AND business efficiencies. Businesses need to act now by taking some simple steps to improve the way they are managing and controlling their document work flows.”

The thing is that if companies implemented many of these measures their consumption figures would drop as would their costs.

Many European businesses seem to be unaware of the benefits of enforcing environmental friendly policy. Ricoh Europe is trying to raise the awareness of this issue.


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