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Keithley Instruments Enhances Throughput and Accuracy of S530 Parametric Test Systems

CLEVELAND Jan. 20, 2011 Keithley Instruments, Inc. test instruments Parametric Test Systems, .

S530 systems are optimized for use in production parametric test environments that must accommodate a broad mix of products or wherever wide application flexibility and fast test plan development are critical. The proven source-measure technology and high fidelity signal pathways on which S530 testers are based ensure industry-leading measurement accuracy and repeatability.

A Choice of Two Powerful Parametric Test Configurations

SMU SMU source-measure SMU CV

Optimized for Cost-Effective Operation in High-Mix Test Environments

S530 parametric test systems are designed to speed and simplify wafer and test plan setup by providing immediate feedback to the engineer throughout test project development. For example, the Automated Characterization Suite (ACS) software that controls S530 systems streamlines test project development by allowing new test scripts to be tested interactively without compromising throughput in full automatic mode. ACS also provides for off-line test project development and test results analysis.

Powerful ACS Software

S530 systems employ Version 4.3 of the powerful ACS software on which several other proven Keithley test systems operate, which improves lab-to-fab correlation and speeds system learning. ACS maximizes the efficiency and flexibility of S530 systems, combining all the elements necessary for automated parametric testing in a single integrated package.

Industry’s Most Powerful High Voltage Parametric Test System


High Fidelity Signal Pathways Ensure Higher Measurement Integrity

Each S530 test system employs a high performance switch matrix and high fidelity signal pathways to direct signals between instruments and test pins. The performance of these pathways directly influences the performance of the test system as a whole by setting upper current and voltage ranges, and limiting low-level measurements due to current offsets. The S530 has eight high fidelity pathways that can be used to route instruments to pins dynamically. For example, up to eight SMUs can be routed to any pin (or number of pins) at one time. The Low Current System delivers uniform performance across all eight pathways; the High Voltage System provides two high voltage/low leakage pathways, four general-purpose pathways, and two C-V pathways. Both systems support C-V measurements up to 2MHz.

Based on Proven SMU Technology


Capacitance-Voltage (C-V) Unit Option

capacitance meter

Production Qualified

S530 Parametric Test Systems include a rich set of production qualifications, including built-in diagnostics, system specifications to the probe card, and compliance with industry standards such as CE, SemiS2, and S8. A "command line" control interface in ACS simplifies adapting to custom user interfaces or a factory automation host controller.

Price and Availability

$110,000.00 USD

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