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Creating a space where all employees can share their intellectual insights isn’t an easy feat, but KnowledgeBase has made it a whole lot simpler.

Creating a space where all employees can share their intellectual insights isn’t an easy feat, but Los Angeles-based KnowledgeBase >www.knowledgebase. net< has made it a whole lot simpler. Company CEO Alex Kazerani talks about software, affordability, and staying focused.

What makes your company unique?

We are a software company that in a few short years has rapidly grown to become a leader in our market because we focus on what our customers really need. Our solution is entirely Web-based and offers companies a way to easily publish help documentation to the Web and make it searchable and downloadable for use by both their customers and employees.

Part of our success is in the way we deploy our software solution. We offer it both as a shrink-wrapped software package that can be installed on site at our customer’s location and as a hosted service that lets customers afford an enterprise software solution with none of the expensive overhead.

Our customers range from the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies to small and medium-sized businesses that appreciate its ease of installation and affordability.

How does your software,, work?

Our software is a feature-rich application that provides the ideal environment for companies to quickly and cost-effectively create a company-wide knowledge base to store and index documents and accurately search answers to end-user questions. is easy to use, yet rich in the features, inexpensive to maintain, scalable and priced right for the market.

What kind of challenges does your company face?

As our customer base has grown, so has the need to customize our product to meet the unique needs of customers in different industries. Therefore, we are starting to explore offering vertical solutions so that we can target specific industries. We are also continuing to build out integrations with third party software solutions such as CRM suites, content providers, and search engines in order to be part of a more complete suite of solutions for those organizations that need it.

One of the benefits of being a profitable company with a strong recurring customer base is that our current growth is fueling our investment in future products. This keeps us focused on improving our solution instead of always worrying about raising money from venture capitalists.

Our biggest challenge moving forward is finding the time to follow up on all of the great product ideas we have to make our product even better. We keep ourselves focused on the key technology drivers our customers ask for, but there are always more great ideas than time and resources permit.

What do you like best about what you do?

I work with great people and great customers. Our company is a team of bright, energetic, and honest people. It might sound corny, but coming to work every day feels like we are simply leaving one family to go join another. Everyone is focused on the customers and that attitude keeps us motivated and our customers happy.

We take our successes and failures very personally so to be growing as fast as we are, and to still be maintaining excellent levels of customer support and retention, makes us all very pleased

The other thing that really gets my business partners and I excited to get out of bed everyday is the drive to stay ahead of the curve. Our software has always been best-of-breed, innovative and ahead of the rest of the market in terms of ease of use and value for money.

Not only do we get positive customer feedback, but we are also continually winning industry awards and accolades. It brings us a great deal of pleasure in pushing that success forward, always innovating and always simplifying so that we maintain differentiated.

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