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Helping Web sites manage themselves.

Unless a company plans on running a single-page Web site with a few pretty pictures and some contact information, it’s going to need some content management. That’s what David Kolakowski, founder of Kolaco, likes to hear. His Mendham-based firm developed Xpressite, a management tool designed to keep costs down and efficiency high. He talks about technology solutions, function automation, and the kola nut.

How did the company get started?

Prior to Kolaco’s inception, I was in senior management for a Fortune 200 company in a nontechnical capacity. As an officer of that company, I was responsible for business process re-engineering, including several automation projects. After hiring some technology consultants, it became clear there was a void in the services being offered. While these firms may have been experts in programming, they all lacked a solid foundation in business knowledge and were truly unable to understand the business purpose of the automation projects. Kolaco was founded to provide business expertise as a critical component of the technology solutions we deliver.

Is there more to “Kolaco” than just a variation on your last name?

In a world overloaded with companies with names referencing technology terms we wanted a simple, yet professional name. Kolaco started from a derivative of my last name. However, “Kola” is related to the kola nut, which contains caffeine and is an energizer. Second, it’s similar to COLA, which stands for “Cost of Living Adjustment,” used as an inflation-fighting component in negotiations. Kolaco products and services can put a little juice into IT systems and provide a little motivation where previously there was none, while at the same time be associated with cost control.

Tech consulting is going through a hard period; how is the current economic climate affecting you?

Kolaco products and solutions are designed to save our clients money. The slowdown in the economy has increased the demand for our products and services to help companies manage their costs. For example, one of our implementations at a company resulted in a cost savings in the first year that was four times more than the cost to switch to our system, Xpressite. As a result of implementations like that, this summer ended up being our busiest summer ever.

Did you encounter any challenges when developing Xpressite?

Xpressite began as a tool to streamline Web site maintenance for the Kolaco staff. It allowed us to update our clients’ sites faster, creating efficiency in our workplace, and ultimately saved our clients money from less time billed. In 1998, we decided to make Xpressite available as a product that would allow companies to make their own changes and save even more money. Our first site conversion included an Intranet site. The client wanted to publish market information, sales information and provide interactive tools like a discussion forum and a document library. The person responsible for site content was not technical and did not want to invest time in learning any type of Web editing tool. With Xpressite, updates were made instantaneously. In the first year, they added over 1,500 pages to their intranet without any assistance from us.

What does Xpressite do that other Web site content managers don’t?

It simplifies every action and automates those functions that require frequent edits. For example, time sensitive material, such as news and events, will automatically be removed from a site based on the preset expiration date. Xpressite’s expandable menu system can be updated by end users with point and click. These features, combined with our rich text editing environment, set us apart.

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