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Launch of 'EZ KEY', Keyboard Shortcut Visualization Software That Dramatically Increases Work Efficiency

“EZ”, an IT software company, has launched “EZ KEY PRO”

SEOUL, KOREA, December 14, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ — When one uses keyboard shortcuts, he or she can work much faster compared to only using a mouse. That is why IT experts as well as regular workers use keyboard shortcuts when they use various software, including Windows. However, it requires time and effort to use the shortcuts freely.

“EZ (”, an IT software company, has launched “EZ KEY PRO”, a productivity upgrade PC software that can maximize the use of keyboard shortcuts. “EZ KEY PRO” is a software that shows instantly on a monitor keyboard shortcut arrangements, which can be understood intuitively.

The software enables one to use keyboard shortcuts more easily by showing various keyboard shortcuts, shown in pictograms on a monitor. “EZ KEY PRO” is activated when one presses the control, alt and shift keys all together, which can be easily done using the left hand. Then, a virtual keyboard for keyboard shortcuts is shown on the bottom of the monitor. One can check intuitively the location of the keyboard shortcut he or she wants to use, and press keys on an actual keyboard.

By using “EZ KEY PRO”, one repeatedly utilizes keyboard shortcuts and can naturally memorize them. Thus, work efficiency dramatically increases. One can use a simple keyboard shortcut for a process that needs complex steps. Furthermore, one can assign different keys for existing keyboard shortcuts that are used frequently, but uncomfortable to use.

The virtual keyboard of “EZ KEY PRO” provides keyboard shortcut information for well-known software, including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Photoshop. It also has a search function, which comes in handy when one forgets a certain keyboard shortcut.

“EZ” CEO Lee Jae-seong said: “Getting familiar with keyboard shortcuts is similar to learning how to ride a bike. One cannot ride a bike, no matter how hard he or she memorizes and repeats it in his or her head. Using keyboard shortcuts is the same. One needs muscle and synesthetic memory to use keyboard shortcuts freely.”

“EZ KEY PRO” can be downloaded from, and anyone can use it free for a month. “EZ” reported that it can also support program development of companies in addition to general-purpose software, all by using the construction technology of the keyboard shortcut software.

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