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Launch of On-Demand Enterprise Complaints Management System – UsefulFeedback!

LONDON Jan. 18, 2011 Complaints Management dealing with customer complaints

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Hans Grefte, Product Development Director at iCasework, comments "UsefulFeedback! is deployed as an on-demand, web-accessible solution, which brings with it the low costs and low risks that cannot be delivered in a standard on-premise deployment. By making our system available on-demand, we are able to provide all the functionality, scalability and security required of an enterprise-level system, yet without the usual high costs or the need for technical specialist knowledge or skills and, unlike similar systems, minus any upfront licence fees. All that is required of the customer is web access and they can have their own complaints system up and running immediately."

Central to the success of UsefulFeedback! is the wide range of industry-specific templates that have been developed to help businesses be compliant with their sector’s particular regulations, legislation and commercial needs. Currently there are more than 45 different industry templates available on-demand for complaints management.

Grefte continues, "We recognise the differences inherent in various industries, both in terms of the nature and quantity of their complaints, but also in terms of their compliance and root cause analysis needs. Many sectors are stringently regulated by industry legislation and evidence of compliance is strictly required for fear of heavy penalties and fines. As a result we have developed, based upon 12 years of heavy involvement in the complaints management sector, a series of on-demand tailored solutions that can provide root cause analysis for industries as varied as local government, retail, financial services, utilities, telecoms, manufacturing and housing as well as recently regulated sectors such as legal services and care homes, with each solution reflecting the precise individual complaints management needs of the sector when dealing with customer complaints."

When dealing with customer complaints, UsefulFeedback! is able to cater for the diverse workflows required across different departments within an organisation, even external service providers, and enables each area to capture and resolve issues at the first point of contact, or alternatively assign the complaint to the appropriate team or individual for processing and management. The complaints management software also monitors social media interaction, enabling the user to assess, analyse and respond appropriately to comments posted on social media sites. As the complaint information is stored centrally, UsefulFeedback!’s automated reporting, which is supported by threshold alerts that highlight areas of concern, can provide management with consistent and accurate data delivering clear root cause analysis across departments, external service providers and the entire organisation.

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iCasework Ltd is a UK based organisation that has been implementing case management systems since 1998. Our experience is gained from developing case management solutions for both private and public sector clients across a variety of countries and industry sectors. Our dedicated focus on this technology has enabled us to develop solutions that are specific to your industry needs and business challenges, with a particular focus on adhering to specific regulations and compliance requirements.

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