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Layar’s Augmented Reality Made Available for All iPhone Apps

AMSTERDAM January 27, 2011

The beta period concludes with the launch of three Layar Player enabled iPhone apps – Bing sponsored Snowboard Hero, an augmented reality extension in the popular game that allows players to earn more points; Layar Trade, an application helping people view recent projects and work from local builders; and VerbeterdeBuurt, an application to improve your neighborhood, letting neighbors post their issues and ideas for the public space on the map.

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"At Bing, we aim to bring information into people’s lives that is visually organized, simple and easy to digest. Augmented reality on mobile devices provides more opportunities to overlap reality with digital information that informs, educates and creates new ways to play within your environment," said Wibe Wigenmans, Bing for Mobile. "The mobile experience for Bing users continues to evolve as we constantly look for ways to create visually engaging experiences."

    NEW iPHONE APPS USING LAYAR PLAYER      Bing Sponsored Snowboard Hero     Created By: Fishlabs and MUZAR     Available: United States  

Hit the powder year round! For all of those gamers who just can’t get enough of the action, you can now open Snowboard Hero and play directly in your reality. This Bing sponsored game gives you the opportunity to collect extra credits by using augmented reality based on GPS position. To start playing, a user goes outside into an open area and fires up the game. The goal is to collect as many credits as possible within five minutes.

     VerbeterdeBuurt     Created By: TAB Worldmedia in cooperation with The Saints     Available: Netherlands  

Take control of your community. VerbeterdeBuurt is a tool for citizens to report any disturbance within their neighborhood directly to their municipality. It is the natural way to see reported issues as well as the submitted ideas for improvements within your own community.

     Trade Vision     Created By: AYR Communications     Available: United Kingdom  

When hiring a contractor, don’t just take their word for it – see for yourself. Trade Vision provides a unique way to seek out work from a local tradesman. By viewing what’s around you using augmented reality, you will be presented with icons representing the different types of work recently undertaken by tradesmen in your area.

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