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Leading Praxis II Test Coach Reveals How to Pass the Praxis II Test in Just 7 Days – Former Praxis II test taker and test coach recently launched a complete Praxis II study guide to help aspiring teachers pass the Praxis II test in just 7 days. NEW YORK, NY, June 25, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ — – Former Praxis II test taker and test coach recently launched a complete Praxis II study guide to help aspiring teachers pass the Praxis II test in just 7 days.

About The Praxis II Test – A Teacher Certification Test

Passing the Praxis II test is required to get your teacher certification and be a real teacher in most U.S. states.

Usually, most clients prepare for the Praxis II tests by using sub-standard materials that are available online or in local book stores.

However, certified New Jersey teacher, Elizabeth Hanson discovered many Praxis II study guides on the market contain out-of-date or overly generic information that fails to help test takers. She says, "Many college’s teacher preparation/education departments don’t really get you ready to pass your Praxis II test."

As a result, teacher certification candidates are having a hard time trying to pass the Praxis II test. There are severe consequences for not passing.

Losing $37,857.00 In Annual Salary For Failing The Praxis II

First of all, test takers who fail the Praxis II test often miss-out on getting certified in time to land their dream job as a teacher. That means a failed examination could potentially cost you $37,857.00 in first year salary. Lost benefits include: Paid health care and Summer vacation. Plus, you permanently lose one year of teaching experience and seniority. That translates into slower tenure, delayed movement up the pay schedule and less money in your state funded retirement decades down the road.

Hanson was disguised with Praxis II study materials available in the market. She resolved to find out everything she could about the Praxis II test from certified teachers who passed the test. By the time she interviewed over 7 former Praxis II test takers the true nature of the test appeared and mystery about this test disappeared forever.

Today, not only did she conquer the Praxis II test successfully, she now shows other test takers how easy it can be to pass at major universities and school districts around the U.S.

A Pass Rate 21% Higher Than Other Test Prep. Methods

In fact, the test ‘success system’ she developed and perfected over the last 8 years has helped over 43,000 aspiring teachers pass-the-Praxis II.

She currently works with 17 educators who also coach Praxis II test takers to success by e-mail and by phone. This same team created over 32 different Praxis II study guides from their experience and case studies of mentoring thousands of Praxis II clients.

Hanson firmly believes real educators who passed can best help you tackle the Praxis II test. She explains the very basics of the ‘test coaching system’ starts with a "Testing Readiness Assessment." You see how far you are ‘right now’ from a passing score. This assessment is then used to pinpoint test trouble areas and fix them before it’s too late.

Then a personalized "Test Success Plan" is created by your test coach. This provides a step-by-step blueprint to success.

Elizabeth Hanson’s Teaching Solutions clients enjoy a pass rate that is 21% higher than other test preparation methods available.

A New Focus For Praxis II Test Success

The reason Praxis II test coaching is so effective is test coaches give ‘insider’ test info. and secrets that create breakthroughs. Obviously, if you find yourself lost, confused and overwhelmed in the mountain of ‘information overload’ a study guide can’t give you personalized human help.

Through a proven systematic and scientific approach to prepare and take the exam clients gain a laser like focus for success. Hanson admits, "The system hasn’t always an easy ‘cheat-sheet.’ Clients still need to put in a few hours to prepare. But, at least with the ‘7 Day Praxis II Comprehensive Success System’ you can cut that time in 1/2."

The Test Coaching and "7 Day Praxis II Comprehensive Success System" has been tweaked and endlessly fine-tuned. Now with the latest edition coming out this week teacher certification candidates find themselves unstoppable with a bright future as certified and highly respected professional.

The test coaching system doesn’t overwhelm the client with fluff and useless information. It is not meant to deliver every piece of information on a particular subject. Only what you need to succeed.

Skeptical critics of the program think it’ll take too much time or it’s too expensive. Hanson explains, "The irony is this system is much cheaper because for a mere $57 and 2 weeks of time you pass and get a $37,000 per year starting salary and your ‘dream life’ begins. Too many test takers are trying to save $10 on a study guide to prepare for a professional career. It blows-up in their face. They have to look at waiting another year to get hired by a school district and lose thousands of bucks."

That’s why it’s important for any Praxis II study guide to reveal only the practice questions and real content that’s on the test. If not, it’s just major waste of time. And you’ll risk your teaching career. With the techniques disclosed in the coaching, clients can pass faster and easier then they ever imagined.

Risk Free 100% Money Back Satisfaction And Passing Guarantee.

Teaching Solutions is so confident that this system can deliver results that thy allow clients to claim a full refund if you’re not happy with the program or don’t pass on the first try.

Praxis II test coaches work with clients until they pass. In fact, Hanson states that many test takers come to Teaching Solutions after failing one or more times. "They’ve tried everything and are extremely frustrated. Within 2 weeks most new clients blast themselves out of the hole they’re in and get on the ‘fast track’ to passing the exam and getting their teacher certification."

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