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Learning the Differences Between a Cloud Based Service and a Hosted Service

Learning the Differences Between a Cloud Based Service and a Hosted Service

Understanding different types of servers can be confusing. There are so many different types of hosting services, cloud services, and other types of servers that the average person can easily become overwhelmed when researching what it is that they need.

Many people lump cloud computing and website hosting into the same category, which is wrong. While there are many similarities between the two, there are some fundamental differences that are important to understand when considering your options as to choosing new providers. Continue reading to understand the differences between hosting and cloud computing.

Cloud Service

A cloud service, in the broadest terms, is simply a subset of a hosted service that is accessed via the Internet. Cloud services are relatively new, much newer than traditional hosting services, and offer different sorts of benefits that older hosting services don’t. For example, collaboration and connectivity with a cloud service is typically much easier than with an older type of hosted service, as files can be dragged, dropped, and appear everywhere with the click of a button. Hosting services are now offering similar features, but there are some things that truly distinguish a cloud service from hosting.

Different programs capitalize on cloud technology in different ways, which will be discussed later. The popularity of cloud computing services has skyrocketed lately, and they’re making life easier for businesses and individuals alike.

Hosted Service

Hosted services have been around for a long time, since the early days of collaborative computing. Hosted services are services that are offered by providers that have physical servers that are run in a remote location. In most cases, these servers are accessed by a network connection through the Internet.

With hosted service, there are many different types of options. There are shared hosted services, free hosting, and lightning fast and reliable 1GBPS Unmetered VPS solutions. These hosted services are used for many different things, from hosting websites and email databases to storing massive amounts of data in a secure location.

Understanding the Difference

Now that you have a basic understanding of what each of these services are, it’s easier to understand the differences between them. To best be able to understand the differences, you should examine how a certain product differs between them. For example, document creation software differs greatly between a cloud based service and a hosted service.

Take a look at a service like Google Documents. Everything that you’re editing is on a remote server “in the cloud” and whenever you update something it is updated in real time across all computers that are accessing the cloud. The server is far away from your computer, and when you save something you’re saving it onto that server.

Hosted works a little differently. There can be a remote host like the cloud, but there can also be a local host in your office or home. This is what you’d be saving documents too. The two do somewhat similar things, but work very differently in the way they do it.

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