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LeCroy Announces World’s Fastest Real-time Oscilloscope with 65 GHz Bandwidth

CHESTNUT RIDGE, N.Y. April 24, 2012

Modular Oscilloscope Platform Enhances Usage

The LabMaster modular oscilloscope architecture separates the oscilloscope signal acquisition function from the display, control, and processing functions. The LabMaster Master Control Module (MCM-Zi) contains the display, controls, ChannelSync architecture, and a powerful server-class CPU. LabMaster 10 Zi Acquisition Modules, provide silicon-based 36 GHz performance with up to 65 GHz on two channels (and future upgrade to 100 GHz on one channel). One LabMaster 10 Zi Master Control Module and one LabMaster 10 Zi Acquisition Module function as a single, conventional four channel 36 GHz oscilloscope, or as a conventional two-channel 65 GHz and four-channel 36 GHz oscilloscope. However, by using ChannelSync architecture, up to twenty LabMaster 10 Zi Acquisition Modules can be perfectly synchronized, thus extending the already unique channel density performance by a factor of twenty to achieve up to eighty channels at 36 GHz and forty channels at 65 GHz. A newly announced expansion module for LabMaster oscilloscopes provides the capability to quadruple the total number of acquisition modules and channels compared to before.

The LabMaster ChannelSync architecture advantages are numerous. There is a single sample clock and trigger circuit utilized by all acquisition modules to provide the highest acquisition precision possible for up to eighty channels. The modular design is "plug-and-play", so no programming, external clocking, clock synchronization, or complex connections between oscilloscopes are required. There is a single display and a single server-class (12-core) central processing unit (CPU) in the MCM-Zi Master Control Module. All acquired channels and processed waveforms from all acquisition modules are displayed in one location for ease of use and understanding of information — just like in a single, conventional oscilloscope. The entire connection and setup of multiple oscilloscope acquisition modules, including fine deskew calibration, takes approximately five to ten minutes. Nothing could be simpler.

28 Gb/s True-Hardware Serial Trigger Adds to LabMaster 10 Zi Superiority

LeCroy is announcing a 28 Gb/s — the world’s highest speed — serial pattern trigger with support for up to 80-bit non-return to zero (NRZ) serial patterns, 8b/10b and 64b/66b symbols, and PCI Express Generation 3.0 protocol. This is in addition to the previously announced 14.1 Gb/s serial trigger with identical NRZ, symbol and protocol support. Both of these are true-hardware FPGA-based triggers that provide real-time monitoring of the acquisition stream and capture specific serial data traffic as defined by the user. This trigger significantly enhances the value of LabMaster 10 Zi for high speed serial data debugging by providing the ability to isolate errors to specific bit patterns or symbols and is more sophisticated and useful compared to a "software-trigger" that is provided by other manufacturers.

Multi-Lane Serial Data Analysis and Crosstalk/Noise Analysis

Santa Clara, California

Optical Transmission Using Coherent MIMO

Los Angeles, California March 2012

Towards Terabit/second Interface Rates in Optics

Other researchers at Bell Labs have also used LabMaster oscilloscopes for record-breaking QPSK and 16-QAM research at data rates approaching 1 Tb/s, most recently a 640-Gb/s single-channel line rate using 80-GBaud PDM-16QAM.

Peter Winzer

LabMaster 10 Zi Pricing and Delivery

$355,000 $451,900

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