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LeCroy Introduces Compact x8 Protocol Analyzer for PCI Express 3.0 Protocol

SANTA CLARA, Calif. Feb. 1, 2011

The recently released PCIe 3.0 specification includes low-cost, high-performance I/O technology that supports a new 128b/130b encoding scheme and a data rate of 8 gigatransfers per second (GT/s), doubling the interconnect bandwidth compared with the previous PCIe 2.0 specification.  This technology is rapidly becoming the I/O interconnect of choice for servers, workstations, desktop and mobile personal computers, embedded systems, peripheral devices and more.

Joe Mendolia

Systems and devices based on the new protocol specification are facing difficult challenges such as correctly implementing dynamic equalization in order to bring up a link.  The ability to visualize the actual process by using the LTSSM state machine featuring LeCroy’s LTSSM/Substate view can be a key tool to solving problems and rapidly obtaining a robust implementation.  Many new features in the PCIe 3.0 protocol occur at the physical layer and can be viewed with BitTracer™ where data and ordered set blocks, lane skew, and scrambling can be viewed and measured.

John Wiedemeier

The Summit T3-8 protocol analyzer is compatible with all previous PCI Express application specific probes and interposers.  The Summit T3-8 protocol analyzer also includes the same powerful PETracer™ Software included on LeCroy’s most advanced PCI Express protocol analysis systems.  PETracer includes important data analysis views such as:

  • LTSSM/Substate View
  • Hierarchical Views
  • BitTracer Views
  • Data View
  • Flow Control Views
  • Configuration Space Views

LeCroy protocol analyzers have been at the forefront of PCI Express development tools . All LeCroy protocol analyzers feature a hierarchical display, real-time statistics, protocol traffic summaries, detailed error reports, powerful scripting, and the ability to create user-defined test reports, which allow developers to troubleshoot intricate problems and finish their projects on time.


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