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Legends Business Group Releases Details of the Public Power Challenge

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. Jan. 25, 2011

The details of the power challenge are:


Legends Power is making a public POWER challenge and YOU may be the one to meet the need!

Miami Beach, Florida

What we are offering:

Legends Power is offering a chance to turn some lucky inventor, garage tinkerer or weekend mechanic into a businessman and, most likely, a very wealthy one at that. The approved device we select will be meticulously analyzed; its design will be finished into a commercial version that can be mass produced and sold. Legends will then take that device into the market.

The approved device’s creator will not be required to invest into any of the process to get their device to market. He/She will be guaranteed a share of the profits derived from the sales of that device for as long as it is being sold by Legends Power.

What we are looking for:

* A stand-alone mechanical or chemical based device that produces AT LEAST 100 watts of continuous AC or DC power at 12 volts or more. This means that a 100 volt device that produces 1 amp qualifies just like a 12 volt device producing 9 amps. This power must be reasonably steady in its output values and would be considered qualified if it can sustain this power for a period of AT LEAST 30 days.

* You will need to provide the device itself along a written documentation or layout of what it took you to build it. Details would include schematics, parts lists and processes. The device itself will be used as a basis to create the commercial version based on your documentation combined with our expertise in production manufacturing.

* The device needs to run continuously without outside power consumption or connections and require no replenished fuel resource besides whatever it gathers from its surroundings in natural form (i.e. it can use air, radio waves or, if the device sits in a natural body of water, the water around it; however, it cannot require a forced, extreme amount of the outside resource to be supplied). The continuous run requirement would generally rule out solar powered devices (however, if the device has a variation that allows it to run in a naturally illuminated environment, that may make it acceptable for evaluation.

* There should be no inordinate amount of maintenance or "tweaking" required to keep the device running. Standard maintenance, such as lubrication of mechanical moving parts and the like, would be acceptable.

* Although the function of the device can be as intricate or as complicated as needed, it should not be overly complex – past the point of performing its power output requirements. Additionally, the materials and/or components used in the making of the device should be reasonably attainable from any US company.

* The device, along with any support equipment, should be of a reasonable and proportional weight and size – loosely defined as not weighing more than 100 lbs. and two (2) square feet. If the device can produce a very large wattage, then the weight and size limitation can be revised to match its output.

* The device can contain batteries and/or other power storage components if needed for its function yet should still adhere to the weight and size limitations. Devices using batteries should not put inordinate requirements on the batteries to the point that it can reduce their standard life expectancy.


What we are not looking for:

* Devices that are already in public use.

* Devices that are already under patent protection, unless the device has a substantial change to any patents that it may resemble or you are the patent holder already.

* Devices that require materials and/or components that are of an inordinate amount in cost to acquire.

* Devices that are not complete and functioning. We may consider a device that has been completed and proven to be qualified at one time but may have stopped functioning due to extraordinary reasons or financial limitations of its creator.

How to apply:

* To have a device considered for qualification, you may send a basic, written description of your device along with your contact information to our office. We would then contact you with both a non-disclosure agreement and a royalty agreement that you would sign and return to us. Once received, we would contact the creator for further information requests and considerations.

* Devices eventually selected for evaluation would be reviewed and tested by Legends personnel and may also be reviewed and tested by outside third party consultants or facilities qualified as such (such outside parties would be under strict agreement with Legends Power not to disclose any information about the device).

* Any devices sent to Legends would be done so at the creator’s expense – and only after the creator is protected by a non-disclosure agreement and royalty agreement. Devices that do not qualify will be returned to creator at their expense. Creators may request to personally deliver a device to Legends, but only upon advance request and prior device approval.

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