Latest News Details the Importance of Large Home Loan Down Payments

LOS ANGELES April 26, 2012

Generally speaking, the larger the down payment, the more money a borrower will save over the lifetime of a home loan. Large down payments affect a mortgage’s monthly payment, interest rate, and requirement for private mortgage insurance (PMI).

A down payment is the lump sum of money that is put directly toward the principal of a borrower’s home financing. As a result, more money down reduces a borrower’s monthly payment, since the principal of the home loan they’re repaying is lower.

Likewise, lenders are more prone to grant better interest rates on mortgage financing that is lower risk, and the larger the down payment, the lower the risk for lenders.

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It is largely due to this PMI cost that most experts advise homeowners to put at least 20 percent down. Not only does a down payment of that amount produce immediate equity in a home, but it also saves homeowners from an expensive penalty that comes in the form of a recurring annual PMI bill.

Borrowers contemplating the purchase of a property should think hard about the size of their down payment. The larger the down payment, the more money will be saved in the long term.

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